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  1. Going to Buenos Aires! And I can't find my camera's charger!!!

  2. Funny thing how outraged how some of you guys get once Jim Jones starts speaking about the developed countries, and then you start trying to belittle India in this thread. I've never got through one of his posts because he doesn't use commas, but I bet most of the facts stated by him are actually true. So it's not a matter of accuracy, but rather the way information is told. And I've seen a lot of disrespect towards India in the previous pages, by A LOT of people. I know 90% of the posts are just expressions of concern towards India's preparations to the CWG, but the other 10% can be really offensive to those that are out of the American-British-Australian-Mo click that seems to rule this forum and decide what's offensive and what's not.
  3. Are baba, the stereotype is right!!! (sorry, this is an in-joke for telenovela-watching Brazilians - I know, ANOTHER stereotype )
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