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  1. Shadowriver, it is also valueable to mention that we, all of bid supporters, lost to politics in that battle. No single member of supporting oragnisations changed role since failed referendum. Those who were a part of 'pro Krakow' NGO's are still there. But on the other hand NGO ogranization 'Krakow against OG' converted in party look-a-like and started in local elections autumn'2014. Also leader of bid opponents Tomasz Lesniak was a candiate for position of President of Krakow (1,9% percent of votes). From the very begining I was sure his aim isnt bid, but politic career. I asked him on the press meting in may 2014 if he can declare not candidating in autumn elections, and he disagreed. Personally for me, fail of a bid isnt as painfull as it could be. I considered that it could finish this way. But since may 2014, its harder for me to get involved in any idea. I should have watched 'House of Cards' before got involved in bid ;-)
  2. Actually its hard to believe in it today ;-) Not because Krakow is unable to organize this event. Between november 2013 and may 2014 social support fell from 70% to 30%. Its an effect of huge media storm. Krakow wont find a politicial who wont be afraid of facing this 'parade of hate' for decades. Still, I guess Warsaw will be bidding withing 10 years. /// And also curiosity. Mayor of Zakopane (snow zone of Krakow in 2022) pissed off decisions in the referendum and demanded the acquisition of the project by Zakopane. Today he meets up with the authorities of Krakow, and Polish and Slovak Olympic Committee. Im sure it wont work, just to mention.
  3. Mates, its over. It was a real pleasure to believe for couple of months in the bid. On the other hand it was really hard to handle all mass-media sh* poured on my beloved city during last monthes. We failed and thats our big defeat. I feel like small part of me died today - with the feeling that during my life I will see olympic flame in my country. I cant consider it now as a slap for IOC etc... Now, I only feel this is real tragedy for Poland, for Krakow ... and huge pain for me. Oslo, and Norway -> i keep fingers crossed for you. Best wishes.
  4. 10/485 districts YES - 31, NO - 69 Att - 43%
  5. Exit polls 67 against bid 33 for bidding If attendance will be above 30% Krakow is out of bidding race.
  6. First rumours about today referendum. Seems Krakow is out of race. More within 2 hours.
  7. Actually, work of Krakow comitee after april changes was really improved. Transparency, a lot of public speeches with members of comitee, sportsmen, science specialists. But on the other hand, all this activity was concealed by the media. The next few days for the application of Krakow will be like the space capsule passing through the atmosphere. Keeps fingers crossed guys. BTW. Im next 2 days off, going to do some supporting activity.
  8. Baron, I can not be with you disagree. Here work psychology and the subconscious. But we have now in Krakow intravascular problems. We need to protect the application from being devoured by the media, politicians and unwilling people. We need to influence and competence here in Poland. At this moment, no one thinks about Kuala Lumpur and IOC members attitude. Kraków bid is fighting for staying alive. Jagna had great reception abroad Poland, but she was destroyed by media inside country.
  9. Just to add something about Magdalena Sroka. One of the 10 most influential women in Poland according to the magazines. Apart her aparency (I love Baron, but this is illness, nothing to make jokes imho), she is one of the most succesfull women in polish politic. One of the youngest deputy major in Poland, woman, and not a member of any party. I like that she is always sooo substantive and prepared to answer any question. Maybe thats what Krakow 2022 need now? This month is like going through the atmosphere.
  10. We both know that new elevation of Krakow Arena is fireproof ;-) (we must figure out another way of destroying it) Norwegians, do your job well ;-) I want to sleep well in 2022. Whole issue between Krakow and Warsaw is probably as old as both city last. Krakow probably lost not only OG in 2022 (and OG in any time) but also last hope that we can expect some investition from central budget here. Can you imagine that now (or within 3 years) Warsaw will have direct highway connection with Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, and even not started construction of road between Warsaw and 2nd large city in Poland, 10nd outsourcing center in the World, 1st touristic direction in central Europe - Krakow? OG in 2022 was a chance for Krakow to stay as an important city in Europe. Warsaw and governement marginalizes the importance of Krakow each year. But what is most important (!) OG was chance to do some developement in winter sports infrastructure for whole Poland. Yes, we had 4 gold medals in Sochi and finished 11. in overall medal standings but... - no covered speed skating track in Poland -> 3 medals here. - only one cross country resort in whole 39mln people country -> Justyna Kowalczyk - double olympic champion - no biathlon resort since 2 months -> 2 medals in last World Championships Then how for f*cking sake all media can say that we dont need winter sport developement now! And this same journalists will blame all sportsmen when in PC 2018 and later they wont repeat Sochi success. Guys from newsrooms are sitting in their comfortable offices, writing junk news, and blaming guys that are spending 80% of year abroad, far from their families, wifes, husbands, childrens, practicing hard each day for lack of success.
  11. At first, I thought it is advantage. She wasnt too 'Civic Platformish' for the other parties. Now we see how weak is comitee. True. Imho her work is done. Her husband probably killed her biggest career task in live (except 4th place in SLC 2002) and her reputation also. I do not envy the situation at home ;-) . Thats true.... For example Warsaw build National Stadium for 1 bln USD from public bugdet. Now Warsaw is constructiing next metro line mostly from central funds too. But its not the clue of problem. Clue is that all mass media in Poland are located in Warsaw. And their point of view is streaming each day in the most common newspapers, tvs, websites. Can you imagine that since month when we have access to Krakow docs noone even show it in media? No one said about real cost that comitee has published. But f.ex. photoshoping of main photo promoting bid was main news for one week. Each day from newspapers, television, internet are flowing the half-truths and lies. I live in this country 25 years, and i swear i see something like this very first time. Im the last, who will lost hope, but each day Im keeping figers crossed more for Oslo.
  12. My opinion, and media coverage are totally separated things. Trust me. Its time for CPR Electroshock here. One huge move, but will be there somebody apart me interested in whole idea? Sacrifice Marczułatis and allow to lynch her by media. Asap in light cameras appoint a new committee. Then try to put into media stream information that whole media sh*t about Krakow 2022 is Warsaw inspired, and the want to devaluate Krakow position. We need divide people there (OMG what im saying is completely against my beliefs), but divide in a way that can bring better results of referendum in Krakow. Divide between Krakow and rest of country. I like Marczułajtis, I appreciate some cool steps and the way she read IOC game. The only curse is that she is neither a politician nor a manager. Shes alone with her ambition. Also I had the opportunity to meet Mr Walczak some time ago and my impressions were he is such a straightforward man, very willing to help, but completely without skills and soooo naive. I rate chance of Krakow going to candidate phase as 15-25%. For example one month ago it was about 70-80%.
  13. Breaking but still not confirmed news from Krakow. Krakow bid comitee will be disbanded in Monday, 14th of April due to 'Mr Walczak issue'. Briefly, husband of Chairman Ms Marczulajtis-Walczak offered 15 000 PLN for writing a flattering article about the committee by a local blogger. In fact that was only journalistic provocation.
  14. I guess its some kind of politicial game, but still Im not able to find clue here. Whole day im asking myself whats going on here. Its sad, cause now results of the referendum can only show that public support of bid isnt as high as it was in 2013. With 30-40% of attendance I belived both scenarios are possible. They are killing bid. Abroad and inside Poland.
  15. * be a separate polling stations and separate comitees.
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