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  1. You are the one who is saying what i pretended with that photo. I'm just telling you i only though on Blanco and messi with a flag,don't make a drama out of this photo please -.-
  2. Agree, I mean that by posting that picture i didn't mean that it would help Madrid to get votes, as Baron said. But yes, i think it will be good for all of us, in fact FC Barcelona's president (Sandro Rosell) and Barcelona's Mayor ( Trias), have showed their support to the bid. And as i said in other post, Pau Gasol, Ona Carbonell, or MIreia del Monte ( catalans) will also be there in Buenos aires
  3. I recomend you to see these interactive images in 360º of Madrid, which i've seen in El mundo. They are beautiful!! http://www.ocholeguas.com/en_360/2013/09/madridtour/tour.html Try not to look for second intentions where there aren't. It was just a photo
  4. On saturday Madrid will become Olympic!

  5. Messi supports Madrid 2020 in Buenos Aires.
  6. Argenitinian and Spanish flags in Buenos Aires before IOC's election
  7. Emm, i don't hate neither Tokio nor Istanbul, in fact Istanbul its among my favourite cities, but I'm Spanish and I want the games in madrid, it's not so difficult to understand. Hypocreta? did you wanted to say 'hipócrita' or 'croqueta' ?
  8. Maybe someone stolen you your wallet while you were in Spain, and thats where your hate come from By the way, if you wear white socks and sandals, you are more likely to suffer pickpocketing
  9. I imagine that having so many 'guiris' around here, help to pickpockerting. Japan and Turkey can't even dream with having 56 million+ tourists per year, it's one of its consequencies. In Tokio 'they would give you your wallet back if you forget it', but that wallet would probably be empty after having stayed in an hotel there. Here you have another list, the most expensive cities in the world. 1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour http://actualidad.rt.com/galerias/actualidad/view/100854-ciudades-caras-mundo-extranjeros?i=131121 1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour http://www.elespectador.com/noticias/actualidad/ciudades-mas-caras-delmundo-articulo-436062
  10. Jorge Lorenzo, Márquez, and Pedrosa (first, second, third) at GP in Silverstone
  11. I imagine she refers to the 'A games between two cities, bla bla bla', which Istanbul uses in tourism campaings, in the Games, in championships, etc, They always use the same sentence to apply for everything, theres nothing new there. Aren't the 'austerity Games' something new???
  12. Images from the 'Discovery Underground' race, which took place in Madrid's metro ( underground ) in support to 2020games. The video ready for the 7 sept, will contain images of this race. http://www.abc.es/fotos-madrid/20130825/imagenes-espectacular-carrera-subterranea-151993935054.html
  13. Yes, i've seen many articles about him in the Spanish media, they call it 'Madrid's gurú'. I've read that he worked with Atlanta, Beijing, Vancouver, Sochi, Pyonayang and Russia 2018. He started with Rome this year, then he was hired by Baku, and finally by Madrid,(When this 2 were out). He is the one organizing and elaborating the speeches, presentations ( Lausane,..) , caring about the image of Botella, Blanco, Felipe & co. Here you have 2 articles about him (in spanish) http://masdeporte.as.com/masdeporte/2013/08/04/polideportivo/1375578589_510228.html http://www.larazon.es/detalle_normal/noticias/2896490/el-secreto-del-exito-de-madrid-2020#.UiDzVDZLNkk
  14. I hope the Games not to be as boring as this video
  15. Truth, the interview is longer, there are more questions and answers, you can read them in the link (spanish) i just picked what i find most important, and remove part of the answers (translating all that is boring), i didn't notice I had removed that, but Marisol says that Bubka will not vote Madrid, yep
  16. Interview with Marisol Casado ( Spanish IOC member ) http://masdeporte.as.com/masdeporte/2013/08/29/polideportivo/1377732444_582127.html -"We will in the first round" you said this summer in a breakfast of Europa Press after the success of Lausanne . Do you keep on thinking it? I say this because it is a hunch, and because in our lobby group, we see we have many chances to win . And in the first round . I'm not triumphalist , I'm realistic . -So important is to have three members on the IOC S instead of one as Japan ? To convince the Olympic Family , having three members means triplicating your chances . If there is a dinner for IOC members, Alejandro Blanco and Ana Botella won’t enter, but Tokyo and Istanbul , neither. We can be in three tables , chatting with everyone in private dinner. Those are great advantages. -How is the lobbying work? It seems to be a mystery… Maybe I do not do my job properly, as I like to say what I think. But I'm from Madrid , I carry on and do this naturally . I Passionately sell my city. But it is true that moving within the IOC is very complicated. Being natural is not the most usual thing there . I don’t consider myself as politically incorrect , but I do not like to talk without saying anything. -Around 100 IOC members will vote . How many have Madrid 'trust' ? I especially related to executive committee members of international federations . Bubka , Patrick Baumann, …. I really know 20 or 30. But I can’t have the same number of friendships, that Samarach, for example, who has been here for more years. -What is most crucial ? Once the Evaluation Commission tells you you're able to organize the Games you don’t have to worry about technical issues . But the rotation of continents has a great importance . If Munich had won the Winter Games possible Madrid wouldn’t have bid for 2020 . And that's one of the things that can hurt us . That Berlin, Paris , want to organize in 2024. -And Tokyo and Istanbul ? Tokyo 's bid is very good . I think Istanbul needs more time and will mature in ten or fifteen years. That also happened to Madrid. Istanbul is presented for the fifth time , but does not offer anything new. The must sell what they are, and they have done just the opposite. -Is Keyword presentation 7- S in Buenos Aires? In this case , yes. We have been told in China that it will greatly influence by various circumstances. Many members will make the decision after the presentation . The focus has been more on the process of the election of the new president than on the bid for 2020. -What do not you like listening to an IOC member ? I like people to honor its principles and know what they are talking about. I like Sergei Bubka . Although it probably will not come as IOC president. -Any agreements? I can’t sepal about that ... (laughs ) yeah, sure . But as the vote is secret , at the end I will vote to whom I please. It is uncontrollable . But it is logical having Madrid winning. It is the most happiest and most amusing city . -Do you insist on your hunch : Will Madrid win in the first round? I am unable to secure it. That itself is a feeling, a hunch that I have and do not hide . It is important to maintain the illusion that we will win. It's good , especially for all those outside the sport and the nomination.
  17. Please read, think, and comment. He said 'life won't change in Madrid if we don't get the games', not 'life won't change in madrid if we get the games', If we don't the 6 sept, will be like the 7 and 8. Madrid has 'cheerleaders' and haters, you don't hace to exucuse your self, is normal, and we won't have any ''heart attack' in Madrid, as we are going to win.
  18. With less than two weeks before the election, Madrid 2020 and has, the initial 'ten' to the final presentation. On Saturday, September 7 at 17:00 pm, the candidacy will sit at the table of 'Pacifics Room' in the Hilton of Buenos Aires this lineup: S.A.R Prince Philip, Mariano Rajoy, Ana Botella, Alejandro Blanco, Victor Sanchez, Theresa Zabell, Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr., Marisol Casado, José Perurena and Pau Gasol. With Nadal in doubt,(USA Open) Madrid 2020 considered it necessary, almost imperative, a presence of impact. Behind the speeches is Terrence Burns, guru who got the Games to Beijing and guides the application of the suitability of each message. http://masdeporte.as.com/masdeporte/2013/08/25/polideportivo/1377397347_535518.html
  19. http://masdeporte.as.com/masdeporte/2013/08/22/polideportivo/1377127878_803660.html Madrid's candidacy is preparing a spectacular video which will be exhibited in Buenos Aires on September 7 with messages from the most illustrious sportsmen of Spain. The aim is to show that the great figures of sport support the project. This week it was the turn of the football idols. Iniesta was the first to lend his image, and was followed by Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Raul (ex R.M player) and Cristiano Ronaldo. After having almost closed the video with testimonials from leading athletes competing in Spain, the great obsession of Alejandro Blanco is convincing Messi to give his support to the bid. Sandro Rosell ( FCB president’s) has already accepted Blanco’s proposal .
  20. Whoever though that Buenos Aires could stay neutral instead of supporting Madrid must be crazy. In fact the marathon is not the first time they show their support: The 'Club deportivo Español', a football team of Buenos Aires, shows its support to Madrid 2020 by including its logo in their equipation. http://www.theyarenews.com/2013/4/18/argentina.-club-deportivo-espanol-apoyo-candidatura-madrid-2020-8973.asp This one is from today: 'The Ibero-A.merican Youth Organization shows its public support to Madrid 2020' http://www.europapress.es/madrid/noticia-organizacion-iberoamericana-juventud-muestra-apoyo-candidatura-madrilena-20130819171401.html 'Buenos Aires Governor shows its support to Madrid 2020' Our history roots and affection, are clear reasons for me to join the candidature' http://www.diariolibre.com/deportes/2013/06/21/i389421_gobernador-provincia-buenos-aires-apoya-madrid-2020.html You don't need to go out form Argentina! There you have the Falkland Islands However the Senkaku Islands, or the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, could also be good options
  21. Buenos Aires, Aug 19 (EFE). 'Buenos Aires with Madrid' The fourth edition of the 'marathon' Hispanic Argentina was held today for the streets of Buenos Aires and, on this occasion, had the theme "Buenos Aires runs for Madrid 2020." With the organization of the Argentina’s Association of Hispanic Professionals (FFP), and with the support of the Embassy of Spain and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the marathon gathered more than 1,500 people in the two specialties: Ten and five kilometers. The event, which took its point of departure the traditional Plaza de Mayo, was won by Oscar Cabral with a time of 31:18, while Juan Dominguez (32:44) and Sebastian Miguel (35:51) completed the podium. http://es.eurosport.yahoo.com/noticias/aires-corri%C3%B3-apoyo-candidatura-madrid-2020-145430598.html
  22. First names in the list of 24 s portsmen which will travell to Buenos Aires with Madrid's team. Mireia Belmonte (swiming 3 medals BCN 2013) Ona Carbonell ( synchro 7 medals BCN 2013) Jeniffer Pareja ( waterpolo silver London, gold BCN) Teresa Perales (22 paralympic medals)
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