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  1. You are the one who is saying what i pretended with that photo. I'm just telling you i only though on Blanco and messi with a flag,don't make a drama out of this photo please -.-
  2. Agree, I mean that by posting that picture i didn't mean that it would help Madrid to get votes, as Baron said. But yes, i think it will be good for all of us, in fact FC Barcelona's president (Sandro Rosell) and Barcelona's Mayor ( Trias), have showed their support to the bid. And as i said in other post, Pau Gasol, Ona Carbonell, or MIreia del Monte ( catalans) will also be there in Buenos aires
  3. I recomend you to see these interactive images in 360º of Madrid, which i've seen in El mundo. They are beautiful!! http://www.ocholeguas.com/en_360/2013/09/madridtour/tour.html Try not to look for second intentions where there aren't. It was just a photo
  4. On saturday Madrid will become Olympic!

  5. Messi supports Madrid 2020 in Buenos Aires.
  6. Argenitinian and Spanish flags in Buenos Aires before IOC's election
  7. Emm, i don't hate neither Tokio nor Istanbul, in fact Istanbul its among my favourite cities, but I'm Spanish and I want the games in madrid, it's not so difficult to understand. Hypocreta? did you wanted to say 'hipócrita' or 'croqueta' ?
  8. Maybe someone stolen you your wallet while you were in Spain, and thats where your hate come from By the way, if you wear white socks and sandals, you are more likely to suffer pickpocketing
  9. I imagine that having so many 'guiris' around here, help to pickpockerting. Japan and Turkey can't even dream with having 56 million+ tourists per year, it's one of its consequencies. In Tokio 'they would give you your wallet back if you forget it', but that wallet would probably be empty after having stayed in an hotel there. Here you have another list, the most expensive cities in the world. 1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour http://actualidad.rt.com/galerias/actualidad/view/100854-ciudades-caras-mundo-extranjeros?i=131121 1.Luanda; 2.Moscow; 3.Tokio; 4.Yamena; 5.Singapour http://www.elespectador.com/noticias/actualidad/ciudades-mas-caras-delmundo-articulo-436062
  10. Jorge Lorenzo, Márquez, and Pedrosa (first, second, third) at GP in Silverstone
  11. I imagine she refers to the 'A games between two cities, bla bla bla', which Istanbul uses in tourism campaings, in the Games, in championships, etc, They always use the same sentence to apply for everything, theres nothing new there. Aren't the 'austerity Games' something new???
  12. Images from the 'Discovery Underground' race, which took place in Madrid's metro ( underground ) in support to 2020games. The video ready for the 7 sept, will contain images of this race. http://www.abc.es/fotos-madrid/20130825/imagenes-espectacular-carrera-subterranea-151993935054.html
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