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  1. Due to that "adios amarillo" yes, i though you were refering to me and you should be proud of having Spanish ascendence!!
  2. You perfectly now i haven't refered to your mother, and I would never do so, yo only need to read what I said. However if you are constantly looking for controversy, and misinterpreting my words in purpose, it's not my problem. Chao Baron.
  3. I'm 'andaluz' not 'madrileño', and if it shows something is the lack of sense of humour you have
  4. Jajajaj yeah, many people tend to say ' Yo tengo 17 anos' 'I have 17 anos' and it's like - Mmm i'm sure you don't
  5. baron be carefull when using the word 'año', because with out 'ñ', 'ano' means anus, instead of year. (It's just an advide, don't get offended)
  6. You are the one who is saying what i pretended with that photo. I'm just telling you i only though on Blanco and messi with a flag,don't make a drama out of this photo please -.-
  7. Agree, I mean that by posting that picture i didn't mean that it would help Madrid to get votes, as Baron said. But yes, i think it will be good for all of us, in fact FC Barcelona's president (Sandro Rosell) and Barcelona's Mayor ( Trias), have showed their support to the bid. And as i said in other post, Pau Gasol, Ona Carbonell, or MIreia del Monte ( catalans) will also be there in Buenos aires
  8. I recomend you to see these interactive images in 360º of Madrid, which i've seen in El mundo. They are beautiful!! http://www.ocholeguas.com/en_360/2013/09/madridtour/tour.html Try not to look for second intentions where there aren't. It was just a photo
  9. If you don't want to try to understand my points of view,or what i try to say, as i at least do, i've nothing to do discussing with you. Bye
  10. Because with that 'Madrileños para Tokio' be sure you can't trust the translator!
  11. That has sense 'Amigos para siempre', but 'madrileños para Tokio' doesn't. 'Para' can be translated as for, so 'Amigos para siempre' would be ' friends for ever' and 'Madrileños para Tokio' ' Madrileños for Tokio'. At least in Spanish that does not make sense, i don't know if it does in English It's 5€ for the Spanish class
  12. Guy i'm not saying our Spanish is better than others, In fact i'm from Andalucia , you can't imagine the accent and how we speak there, Many spaniards laught of our accent in fact I have no problem if the accent is argentinian mexican, etc, what you can't say is that a group of MADRILEÑOS, is called 'madrileños para tokio' as that is not correct, and no one in Madrid, or in spain would say that. It seems to be a translation by Google translator
  13. Spanish is Spanish inside or outside castille, and that sentence has no sense. Andalucians? I was born in Seville. About the 0,00001 of our population want to be independent, thats about 20 people among 8 million
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