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  1. i'm thinking something related to tokusatsu, like a super sentai team representing the five olympic colurs or a kamen rider/ultraman like hero who represents the torch.
  2. i hate how poeple are complaining about japan's radiation problem, these olympics will occur in 2020, it's going to be resolved by then. congrats to tokyo btw, they deserved it.
  3. i'm ok with london 2012, i'm ok with sochi 2014.....but this? obviously there is something wrong here.
  4. i wished the tokyo dome was apart of the bid, if anything that was one of the better known in tokyo. that's like having a new york olympics without madison square garden.
  5. i'm a bit disappointed we weren't able to get the proposed tokyo olympic stadium. or even the greenier olympic park of the 2016 bid. but you know you can't recapture a vision after a bid gets rejected.
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