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  1. The behaviour of the Spanish on these forums, has really turned me off the Spanish bid. I really hope this race comes down to Istanbul vs Tokyo.
  2. It seems like the Japan forums have been infested with "trolls" posting everything negative about Tokyo, trying to tarnish the bid.
  3. I think this race is still neck and neck. If there wasn't any social unrest in Turkey, I think Istanbul would have been favourite now, however I think now its anyone's games. Its probably going to come down to that final presentation. its going to be pretty predictable what Tokyo are going to spill the "secure games" blah blah...But will the emotional pull from Istanbul's presentation...a first Muslim majority nation to host, etc...Will the emotional pull be powerful enough..time will tell. I think Istanbul bid team should really drum home the fact that the region with all its problems, needs
  4. Both Istanbul and Tokyo have received a lot of criticism on these forums, from Tokyo being "boring" to Istanbul's protests and organisation. Which is fine this is what these forums about. But it seems the pro-Madrid members of these forums, feel as though they are being victimised and are the only ones to receive criticism...As though there is a "witch hunt" or a conspiracy against Madrid. Which is so far from the truth. You guys need to chill and stop being so defensive, because you are only displaying insecurities about your bid...which is a sign of "weakness" in my opinion. If the city cant
  5. One supporter of Istanbul 2020 may be UEFA....I can just see in 2024...when UEFA go back to the normal format of one hosting nation. They would be probably be keen to have Turkey freed up for a Euro 2024...otherwise I can just see the same thing happening again, where Turkey will have to step back for another Olympic bid...only of course if Istanbul doesn't finally give up its Olympic dream after 2020..and other big nations like Germany, France, England..dont step up to host another Euro event.
  6. There are currently riots in Brazil that are at a similar scale to Turkey..The motivation behind the riots aren't too distant from some of the reasons behind the Turkish protests...so if people think that Istanbul would not be prepared as a result 7 years from now...what does that say about Brazil who have the WC next year and the OG in 3 years
  7. The AKP needs to be monitored closely in relation to these events...If they continue with police brutality then Istanbul should not given the games..Erdogan is an arrogant leader, who thinks he can do what he wants when he wants...The spotlight is on Turkey now...
  8. So we'll have to wait for the actual evaluation reports, to get a more clear understanding of what the IOC felt about the visits...I guess it makes sense that they would be more diplomatic post visit...then in the report, they will get more technical and pick at each and every part of the visit.
  9. The purpose of the stadium is to provide a fantatic backdrop for the ceremonies....its the bids "wow" factor...and it wont be a "white elephant" because after the games it will be dissembled and be a small to medium sized entertainment venue...
  10. Does anyone remember when the head of the IOC critisized or made negative comments about a city after an evaluation visit...I want to know if he is being diplomatic with his comments about each city...or if he actually means it.
  11. That may be true. However keep in mind security was always going to be an issue with a Turkish bid. With this annoucement it basically lifts one of the major hurdles...aside from the bids basic technical requirements.
  12. The ceasefire would be a HUGE boost for the bid. In the past the PKK has hit soft targets in Turkey..however recently they've focused more on fighting against government forces...with stability and peace in the south eastern corner of the country..will come a much less threat and also you may find people that originally migrated from eastern Turkey to the western cities may just migrate back...as peace will no doubt bring prosperity and development to the country's eastern provinces.
  13. Although its good news..but seriously i think it should be expected. These companies are the ones who will profit most with exposure during the games...not only that im sure a lot of the visitors will be using Turkish Airlines to get to Istanbul, will be eating Ulker foods, etc...they will make gain much much more back if the games is are awarded to the city..
  14. The one thing I see a negative in Tokyo's otherwise very strong bid is the politics of the country. The country has seemed to have swung to the extreme right. There is an increase in military spending and I dont think Japan is having very good neighbourly relations at the moment. Japan obviously really wants this, and I dont know how much China would want them to have it..How powerful the Chinese lobby would be able swing votes in Asia or Afica..who knows...still i wouldnt think it would be good thing to be n bad terms with one of the world's economic super powers..
  15. A Turkish opening ceremony would be amazing..so much history and culture..from Mongolia to the Seljuqs...Ottomans and Ataturk...Compared to a Tokyo opening ceremony, which would contain culture we've seen before. Id consider a Tokyo victory boring too.
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