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  1. The behaviour of the Spanish on these forums, has really turned me off the Spanish bid. I really hope this race comes down to Istanbul vs Tokyo.
  2. It seems like the Japan forums have been infested with "trolls" posting everything negative about Tokyo, trying to tarnish the bid.
  3. The one thing I see a negative in Tokyo's otherwise very strong bid is the politics of the country. The country has seemed to have swung to the extreme right. There is an increase in military spending and I dont think Japan is having very good neighbourly relations at the moment. Japan obviously really wants this, and I dont know how much China would want them to have it..How powerful the Chinese lobby would be able swing votes in Asia or Afica..who knows...still i wouldnt think it would be good thing to be n bad terms with one of the world's economic super powers..
  4. How bad are actually Japan's finances...I've read a few articles on it now...but how serious is it...if anyone can fill me in
  5. Turkey will be awarded the euro by default...The Olympic bid need to be withdrawn, waste of funds..
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