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  1. Summer Africa: Cape Town or Durban any time in the 2020's Cairo decades after South Africa hosts first. Europe: Paris in 2024 Istanbul, sometime in the 2030's will take care of both Europe and the Middle East region North America: Toronto or San Francisco 2028 or 2032 South America: Buenos Aries but decades and decades after Rio Asia: Tokyo, most likely 2028 Delhi 20 years after Tokyo Kuala Lumpur 20 years after Delhi Oceania: Melbourne not until the 2030's or 2040's Winter Europe: Munich wins 2018 Anywhere in Norway or Sweden from 2030 Asia: Harbin 2022 or 2026 Almaty years after Harbin hosts North America: Denver 2022 or 2026 Oceania: Queenstown will bid but will never make the shortlist.
  2. What events did Gabon and Malta qualify for? I don't even think Gabon is a member of any winter sport federation.
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