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  1. Venus Williams is OUT!!! Li Na from China has won!!!!!!!
  2. Yes the torch is still busily running all around China - everyday! Today it arrives in Tianjin (the neighbor city of Beijing), and tomorrow it will go to Sichuan, the province hardly hitted by the earthquake back in May. The theme of the torch relay in Sichuan will add in the "love" element on top of "light the passion, share the dream". Many heroes and survivors in the earthquake will participate in the run. It will even pass by the core destroyed areas in the earthquake....this will be an emotional one. Here some today's photo:
  3. Due to change of schedule....there're some tickets I would like to sell out... Rowing RO03- Date: Aug 11 Time: 15:30 Zone A 2 tickets Beach Volley BV19- Date: Aug 18 Time: 20:00 Zone A 4 tickets please leave me your contact if you are interested see you in BJ~
  4. I have 2 Weightlifting Men's 105kg Final tickets (WL21) on hand but cannot attend. Medal Ceremony is included!!! Interested to trade for any event between Aug 9-11 or for sell. anyone interested please PM me to discuss
  5. I might have some gymnastics tickets here. you can add my MSN calvin_tai@hotmail.com
  6. Dunhuang stop. The flame in ghetto and Gobi dessert
  7. Just this morning...the flame has arrived to the yungang grottoes. Beautiful
  8. Before Shangxi province, while the flame was in Qinghai Lake...
  9. the torch just passed by another 1000-year-old town yesterday: Pingyao city in Shangxi province [email=http://photocdn.sohu.com/20080626/Img257742824.JPG]http://photocdn.sohu.com/20080626/Img257742824.JPG[/email]
  10. Everyone! the cauldron is finally revealed! It's a "big bird" lying on the roof top of the bird nest, with head looking inside the stadium. And the flame will be lighted near the mouth... we will definitely see more as the installation project is going on~
  11. The Olympic Flame just passed by some old villages of ethnic tribes in Southwestern China. I just found these pictures beautiful! Let's keep on posting beautiful pictures you can find and share the spirit of the true Olympic flame!!!
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