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  1. Tokyo 2022 Birmingham 2023 Hamilton 2027 Lock it in
  2. Bid officially given the green light by the QLD Government today .... Meh .... LA, Paris, Tokyo, Rio, London, Beijing ...... Brisbane International cities vs. a hick backwater IOC has gone past the days of an Atlanta type which Brisbane is
  3. The 2026 bid is interesting as there is no candidate at present after Adelaide dropped out, the CGF must be getting a bit nervous as is only 6 years away now "Default, The two sweetest words in the English language"
  4. Adelaide has dropped it's bid for 2026 Back to the drawing board for the CGF
  5. Louise Martin interview on BBC radio said that the plan is to announce the 2026 & 2030 hosts at the General Assembly in October 2026 Adelaide 2030 Hamilton no other candidates expressed any interest, so lock them in Paris/LA style
  6. Nobody bid most likely Perth dropped out a day before the deadline https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/athletics/world-athletics-championship-push-for-perth-in-2029-no-commonwealth-games-bid-ng-b881060779z
  7. I think we have almost reached the point where it is enviable that all multi-sport events including the CommGames & Olympics will be "host countries" rather than "host cities" 2022 CG games will probably be the beginning of that trend with Durban stripped and the events farmed around to cities in the UK
  8. Stick a fork in this Time for "Ode to Joy" and fireworks and wrap it up please
  9. Duller than dull And I don't need to be force-fed Climate Change propaganda from one of the most polluted places in the world with human faeces and corpses floating in their city
  10. Having had a re-watch, still bewildered that Sweden won Take away the hot looking guy+"oooh look such cool graphics" factor you are left with a bland rubbish song Eurovision lived up to the VISION part of it's name this time around and not as a SONG contest Italy had the best "song" performance and should've won just as they did via the general public televoting. Russia, Latvia & Belgium just behind them imho
  11. Stip away all the cartoon gimmickry from Sweden and you are left with a boring song that wouldn't finish in the Top 10 But that sums up Eurovision too a tee though Gimmicks always get votes (cue. last year & Lordi)
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