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  1. It's almost over! This Sunday will be the end of not only the Paralympics but of Tokyo 2020 as a whole. Tokyo 2020 will be remembered as the games that had obstacles but managed to sacrifice itself into being held during a difficult time.

    Arigato Tokyo and Japan, for the past months hosting the most bravest games ever in Olympic and Paralympic history. I hope in the next 4 or 5 years, MIKIKO's ceremony plans will be reality in the 5th anniversary of the games. To Paris and France hosting Paris 2024: Bonne chance, sois courageux et meilleurs vœux. Il est maintenant temps pour vous d'organiser les Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d'été en 2024, allez-y et gagnez!

  2. 1 hour ago, Scotguy II said:

    I have been mega busy at work due to New Zealands current total lockdown so i am pretty exhausted. Ceremony starts at 11pm and i don't think i can do another stay awake until 3am and up again at 6am......

    If i thought it was going to be good would be worth it but due to the olympic opening being a pile of **** i think il just wait and see what the damage is tomorrow.

    You may watched the sneak preview of the Paralympics ceremony.

  3. 1 hour ago, Nacholympic said:

    Do you know something about this?

    Was it the original plan of MIKIKO? To continue the show they did on the handover segment in Rio???

    If it was the plan... I feel more and more dissapointed... it could have been the best opening ceremony ever thet we already started to watch four years earlier...


    I would be suprised if MIKIKO came back to direct this.

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