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  1. BTW, if you look at the spokesperson's Twitter, you can see his tweets being leftist and is a member of a Catalan leftist party.
  2. If you look at StopJJOO's Twitter followers and the other accounts that StopJJOO followed, you can see that most are leftists. Like I said, I don't trust any people who opposed the Olympics since NOlympocsLA released the private phone number of a restaurant owner in 2019.
  3. Since Stop JJOO is headed by lefist groups, these "demonstrations" are going be really violent.
  4. All of that aside, "Stop JJOO" is another far-leftist organization as everyone is expected. Gosh, I know minority of people in the right hated the Olympics but the majority of people who hated the Olympics are in the left.
  5. I am getting sick and tired of you guys arguing about Coates, this is about Stop JJOO not Coates.
  6. What I wanted for the ceremonies for the 2028 Olympics is focusing on California's native history. Step aside movie history, Calfironia's Native American history is interesting. I wanted to see the ceremonies talk about California's native culture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigenous_peoples_of_California
  7. I do hope Stop JJOO does not release someone else's personal info just like what happened to NOlympicsLA back in 2019 when they released the personal phone number of a restaurant owner just because he evicted someone. As someone who is against evictions, the thing that NOlympicsLA did to that restaurant owner is disgusting and their actions are going to be notoriously remembered.
  8. Since the Olympics uses the Greek anthem at the closing ceremonies to honor the birthplace of the Olympics, should the Paralympics use the British anthem at the closing ceremonies to honor the birthplace of the Olympics?
  9. I could imagine on how the torch relay goes if Ireland were to host the 2036 Olympics.
  10. https://www.thejournal.ie/olympics-could-dublin-host-one-2936710-Aug2016/ Reading this article makes me wonder if Dublin should host the 2036 Olympics
  11. Due to a mixture of English and Arabic, you may want to check with your earbuds. Some videos on YouTube had different sound of either the right earbud or the left earbud.
  12. As Tokyo 2020 is coming to an end, we are anticipating the torch relay for Beijing 2022.
  13. I want Wally to direct the ceremonies of the 2026 Asian Games. Moving that aside, I do sure am going to miss these games but I hope MIKIKO's plan will be used a ceremony in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the 2020 games.
  14. It's almost over! This Sunday will be the end of not only the Paralympics but of Tokyo 2020 as a whole. Tokyo 2020 will be remembered as the games that had obstacles but managed to sacrifice itself into being held during a difficult time. Arigato Tokyo and Japan, for the past months hosting the most bravest games ever in Olympic and Paralympic history. I hope in the next 4 or 5 years, MIKIKO's ceremony plans will be reality in the 5th anniversary of the games. To Paris and France hosting Paris 2024: Bonne chance, sois courageux et meilleurs vœux. Il est maintenant temps pour vous d'organiser les Jeux olympiques et paralympiques d'été en 2024, allez-y et gagnez!
  15. I know this is late but what is your verdict on the Paralympic opening ceremony?
  16. I want to express condolences to the family of Jacque Rogge and the IOC family.
  17. For the Paralympics, I am expecting a segment based on Braille
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