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  1. Hi I'm looking to sell my 1992 Brisbane Bid Book. Please email your offer to clunkygirl66@gmail.com. I may list this book on eBay but wanted to give people here first option. I have had a book seller make me an offer but I'd rather the book go to a collector. Photos can be emailed if needed. Cheers
  2. Sorry can't edit my earlier post - I have one book, it's the book with the coat of arms, Olympic logo and "Brisbane 1922" on the front. I don't have the "Media" nor "Sports" books. Cheers
  3. Hi I found this forum while researching a Brisbane 1992 bid book I have. From the comments I've read on here this may be relatively uncommon? Anyone want to give me a ballpark figure it might sell for please? Can't seem to post the pics but I'd say the book is in good condition. The front cover has a couple of indents but it's still pretty clean looking. I can email the pics if anyone would like to look or post them for me please? Cheers
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