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  1. Madrid scored higher this time... And Japan hosted the games in Nagano 1998 and tokyo 1964. And the Winter Games 2018 is in South Korea... Asia 2018-Asia 2020 no way..
  2. And your contributions??? Bad news of Madrid , it´s a free forum
  3. We know britis media "loves" Spain and Latin countries....
  4. Ok, we khow there are many people anti-Madrid, relax guys! enjoy your life
  5. The key is lobby, lobby, lobby ....
  6. Ok, It´s your opinion, my opinion is different. We´ll see in September 2013
  7. Madrid: 8.08 Tokyo: 8.02 Istanbul: 6.98 who is the pathetic?
  8. Turkey is junk bond.... The rating agencies are American and speculative, and Spain with eurozone crisis is still a medium economy.
  9. Hi! I´m new here. This is a video from Madrid
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