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  1. Well the Mall would be one huge place. It would essentially be a two mile long party zone between the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Then there's the the Ellipse in front of the South Lawn of the White House. These don't close and I sure there are dozens of parks and open greens that can be used for party sites. I'm sure there would be sites around George Washington, Howard, and American Universities as well and some of the more relevant museums would probably stay open a bit later. There are clubs and bars and restaurants that would be open. And while Annapolis and Baltimore are farther
  2. I wouldn't call it a civil war mockumentary. With the music it sounds like a cheesy travel video from the '90s.
  3. 1. Agree. A place like DC will probably be in a better place security-wise because it is the capital. 2. This not in favor or against any bid, but it appears dull because the focus most see is on the political side of it. I have a been few times and have been there when there have when the have been festivals going on. It can take on quite a fun atmosphere.
  4. 1. This is just an assumption on my part but I assume they want to put it over the same spot as RFK is now already. It would probably go to the Redskins NFL team. And it looks like they would have room. 2. Actually the metro is pretty good. It just would need to be upgraded. But as far as the system itself it pretty good. 3. Yes it is. And I say this as some whose been to DC multiple times as it's my favorite getaway spot. Earlier in the summer DC is gorgeous, but at the timeframe when most Games are held it is ridiculous.
  5. It does sound a little crazy, but it's true. DC only has a single delegate that has very little voting power. They have a certain amount of home rule, but Congress can swoop in at any time and essentially do whatever they want. And they frequently have.
  6. I don't know if I would characterize them as American Style, unless your talking about the way the governments are set up. Many liberal democracies yes. But American Style may need some qualification. And our leader like to think they're the most powerful in the world, but I don't know how true that is. 1. That depends on what they're here for. If it's a UN thing then of course it's NYC but most other mundane meetings happen in DC or if you want to stretch it Camp David like the 2012 G8 meeting. Unless it's a big summit then they may chose a city outside like the 2009 G20 being in Pittsburg
  7. Of course other than my first love, I would strongly root for a Washington D.C. (Baltimore) bid. As much as I would also enjoy a Games in say Philly or Boston, I think with a good plan they could beat the big four (NYC, CHI, LA, SF) in a domestic race and be on a level field with a Paris, Rome, Berlin etc. After all it's one of the power centers of the world.
  8. I wouldn't suspect they'd be bidding for 2024 more than likely 2028 plus I wouldn't presume to dispute you at all, but I would contend based on the fact that it is their officially stated desire to host the Games and based on planned, and in some cases active, infrastructure improvements particularly in regards to transport and city developments, not to mention the economy is starting to recover, albeit slowly, down here we could possibly and I stress possibly, though while not probable, come up with some with some workable plan. It would just require proper leadership, which of course is n
  9. I'm glad you like the idea of Miami! You're right it does have logistical issues, but there has been some interests about the Games. A few years back The County Commission has set up an exploratory committee to look in to the City and County hosting a Games in the future and the County and City's develop plans has hosting the Games as a priority in help Miami emerge as true global city.
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