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  1. WTF What are you talking about? Isnt enough that Madrid lost to stop the haters? Jesus...
  2. Well, any city that is eliminated would be very sad... so ... About Madrid, I think that now it is a time for self reflexion and I dont know if there will be a fourth attempt for Madrid or not. The fact that 80% of the venues were built is not that important in my opinion and I never used it to defend Madrid. It's nobody's fault that they built in in advance, even if there are being used right now to host other championships. In a way I felt that the presentation from Madrid was not what I expected and anyway, I think it wouldnt affect too much the vote. I really hope that Istanbul can really deliver a good games without any problems due to political uncertainty and that if the chosen is Tokyo, it is really true that radiation from Fukushima doesnt get worse. If thats not the case, we will have some really huge problems for the 2020 games.
  3. So sad! Congratulations to the elected city whichever it is!
  4. Now is fully packed, they had concerts all afternoon
  5. I also dont like these topics about any place: we live life like nobody else, etc. etc. The truth is that I ve visited many cities around the world, for my job Im so lucky to do that almost every week and I havent found a city so crazy for party and that truly never stops like Madrid. You can walk during Gran Via, one of Madrid's main avenues, at any time or day or night and its always packed with people. I sometimes wonder how is that possible.... but then when I find myself on a Monday morning, 6am walking through that street and coming from a party I understand .... Come to Madrid even if we dont get the Olympics and lets party!
  6. Thats why they didnt ask about the economy but about other issues such as doping. Btw, they should have asked what Turkey's plans are about that too
  7. You should read what the real situation of the Spanish economy is. Maybe you dont know that Spain contributed with 40 billion euros to the rescues of the Ireland/Portugal/Greece economies. Anyone who knows something about economy knows that Madrid can perfectly pay for the Olympics, another thing is that the money is well spent in the Olympics and not other things
  8. At the youtube channel Im watching now previous to the blackout.... I´ll let you know if the rest of the presentation is shown!
  9. Videos , or at least what i´ve seen, were a bit poor.. can´t say about what we didnt see... but the answers were the best of the three cities.
  10. At least he is a good communicator... Which video are you talking about? A video that we didnt see? Is it posted somewhere?
  11. I just learnt that many reporters couldnt follow the Tokyo presentation because it was cut to show Istanbul conference press! Wow
  12. I think the presentation didnt stopped in Buenos Aires, as the signal just reconnected and they keep presenting
  13. I will tell you: with money from the city hall, regional government and the national one.
  14. Are you serious? Presentation also stopped in BA?? amazing, even for a storm that they didnt have a backup plan for this not to happen....
  15. Actually one of the largest satellite comm. companies in the world is from Spain, Hispasat, and they will deliver the signal for the Rio olympics. Funny jokes about the Spanish economy, but come to Spain and you might be surprised that our quality of live is a thousand times better than many other places in Europe or the States.
  16. Madrid is the second city in the world by the number of green areas, after Tokyo! The problem with Madrid is that tourists just go to the three or four famous places and dont move around the great green areas that the city has.... in a way thats good so we can keep enjoying them without so many people haha
  17. I thought it was a problem of the Spanish TV! Simply amazing.... is this a problem coming from Argentina because if it is, they are going to be the real loosers today
  18. Madrid's major is terrible speaking.... I think they will be done with the politicians soon and the best speakers will present the bid properly. If not, this presentation is going to be terrible...
  19. My mom just called over the phone and I can´t watch the presentations!
  20. OMG, like a political speech during election times.... but well, that´s the president we have...
  21. What I think is that he is a good communicator.... our president Rajoy is not!! Geez, not even able to speak in English... I hope his presentation is short!!!
  22. Emotional card: Samaranch father... well. I guess everyone has to play his own cards!
  23. I didnt like what he said about good luck to Tokyo and Istanbul in their 2024 bids! Was that right or I missunderstood?? Very arrogant
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