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  1. Because the city was designed by a French architect L'Enfant and it's patterned after the classical capitals of Europe, particularly Rome and Paris. The design of the city is to showcase museums, monuments and palatial buildings. If you're looking for American-influenced architecture, you wouldn't see much in DC because American culture hasn't taken shape yet when the city was founded barely 20 years after independence. If you're looking for heavily American architecture, you'd find it in Chicago-as it's produced two Chicago schools of architecture.
  2. It's better for IOC to revamp the process first rather than give out talking points that would spell disasters--financially
  3. Maybe both. Rahm-bo is clearly not dumb nor anti-Olympics. He's smart and has strategies up his sleeve. In his first year of his term, he's ruffled a lot of feathers in City Hall, revamped the city finances, and led to a public showdown against the Chicago Public School Teachers Union last year. You're right that he's mayor until at least 2015 and most likely beyond that. Rahm has been building his reelection campaign fund and no formidable opponent has been named and neither would anyone win against him. Rahm is still in the process of getting the city books in order, reining in the budget and reinventing public services. All of this would not be possible without additional revenue coming in and tourism has been a very big part of this strategy. He's keenly aware that the city's global standing can add to his overall vision of the city and his personal legacy. He's made it a point that he wants to reach 50 million visitors per annum by 2020--which the city has already welcomed about 46 million in the last year alone. Completion of the O'Hare Airport modernization is a priority; he's successfully pushed for a new athletics/events arena across McCormick Place Convention Center. With all of these things going on, I don't think he's willing to risk his term by suggesting another Olympics bid while the city was brutally bruised after its 2016 run; and the fact that the mayoral elections are just around the corner and while there is talk of a pension crisis while Springfield sort this out. So with that in mind, once he's done calming the city's nerves and getting it to a path of financial responsibility, I don't think another bid is completely impossible. As a previous investment banker and Obama's chief of staff, he has a lot of friends in the business community that are potential Olympic-related donors compared to Daley. But are all of this complete speculation? Absolutely.
  4. The USOC is waiting for Chicago to change its mind.
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