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  1. Vancouver's annual Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, of course! It's the first weekend of the games with the big parade on Sunday the 14th. Celebrate Valentine's with the Tiger. Rawr!

    There are even a couple commemorative lunar new year pins for sale too.

    Definitely a major attraction for visitors, it's one of the biggest Chinese cultural celebrations outside of China in the world, probably only second to San Francisco but Vancouver's is definitely growing. Everybody has to go at least once in your life or if you're like me, go every year. B)

    At what time is the parade?

  2. Does that look right?


    - First host city/nation cultural segment: 1 HOUR

    - Parade of Nations: 50-minutes

    - Protocol (Olympic Hymn, oaths, speeches): 15-minutes?

    - Second host city/nation cultural segment: 15-30-mins

    - Lighting of the cauldron: 5-7-mins

    You forget the difference between Summer and Winter opening ceremonies.

    In summer it's first a welcome show when the Olympic rings appear and after that the dignitaries will come in to the stadium and the national anthem will be played (15 mins). Than the artistic show (1 hour). After that the athletes parade (2 hours). And than the protocol part with speeches, Olympic anthem and oaths and peace part of the ceremony (20-30 mins). Lighting of the flame will be some 10-15 minutes including fireworks.

    For Winter Games the order of ceremony has been changed in Salt Lake City 2002. It's like this:

    - Welcome show, entrance of dignitaries, national anthem and another short show (20 mins)

    - Athletes parade (50 mins)

    - Artistis show (30 mins- 1 hour)

    - Protocol part with speeches, raising Olympic flag etc. (20-30 mins)

    - Lighting of the Olympic flame (10 mins)

    - A final song (Pavarotti in 2006 and Lee Ann Rimes in 2002) (5 mins)

  3. From Norway:

    12.02.2010Olympic games in VancouverTheir Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess attend the Olympic Games in Vancouver (12 - 17 February)


    Kronprinsparret er til stede ved de olympiske vinterlege i Vancouver i perioden 11. – 16. februar og vil bl.a. overvære åbningsceremonien samt forskellige konkurrencer i løbet af vinterlegene.

    Crown prince and his wife (the prince is an IOC member now) will also attend.


    fredag 19/2–söndag 28/2 Närvaro vid vinter-OS, Vancouver, Kanada – Kungaparet, Prins Carl Philip

    Swedish royal couple and prince Carl Philip will attend second half of the Games.

  4. The Netherlands will be represented by the Prince of Orange (the Crown prince and IOC member) and his wife Princess Maxima will come along wih him. Also his daughters, the three little princesses, go to Vancouver and will atted some speed skatin distances.

    Also our prime minister, Balkenende, will be in Vancouver February 11th till 13th, and attend de opening ceremony.

  5. Netherlands, as expected, will be a force in Speedskating, especially the men's side at the longer distances. They should win gold at the 5000m, 10000m and team pursuit events. The women have an outside chance at a gold medal, but the Canadians are powerful and should dominate. Still, Netherlands will rival Canada for the most speedskating medals. I see 3 gold, 2 silvers and 4 bronzes for a total of 9 medals.


    And maybe Nicolien Sauerbreij can win a medal on the parallel Giant slalom in snowboarding.. last year she won the world cup.

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