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  1. That could work, but you would have to completely rearrange the seating for each event as seats would be below the track for cycling events...It would be done, though.
  2. Velodromes are usually between 250 and 333 meters and have banked turns...It just wouldn't work out.
  3. I was just going to ask the same thing!
  4. The address for the site is: http://www98.pair.com/msmonaco/Almanac/ Click on Winter Olympic Games and then 1994, scroll down and you will find the other cities that (may or may not have) bid.
  5. I checked a few M S Monaco's Olympic Almanac site and have found that they were interested in bidding for the Winter Games when they were to be held 1996. Does this help anyone? I do remember those Goodwill Games...They were the second to last edition...Correct?
  6. I was on aldaver.com and I noticed that Leningrad bid, or was going to bid on the 1994 Winter Games. Does anyone have any infromation on this bid?
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