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  1. For anyone who's interested, here's a full list of sponsors from whom I have received pins. I contacted pretty much everyone on the sponsor list.

    Ricoh (Two times, two identical ones first time, one different one the second time)

    TeckCominico (Two Identical)

    RBC (One Quatchi through the mail, four at an RBC branch)

    Jetset Sports (Twice, none the first time, Jetset Sports pin and CoSport pin second time)


    Garett Metal Detectors (Two Identical)



    Petro Canada (Two-one for Olympics, one for Paralympics

    Rona (Twice, first time one for Vancouver 2010 and one for COC, second time both for Vancouver 2010)

    Atos Origin


    Haworth (Three Identical)

    Millenium Water (Twice, one different pin each time)

    Nk'Mip (Two Identical)

    Bell Aliant

    Government of British Columbia (Four-Two in colour, two in sliver)

    Finish Olympic Committee (Two Identical FOC, Two Stickers)

    Italian Olympic Committee (Five-Three Different Italian Olympic Committee, ICO Torino 2006, IOC Atlanta 1996)

    Swiss Olympic Committee (Two, One Vancouver 2010, One SOC)

    Thanks for the list. Lucky you. How did you contact the sponsors, by emails or snail mails? I was just wondering if snail mails are more successful than emails.

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