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Olympic Venues


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I think this is a problem; Bisley, being a historic olympic venue and with beautiful grounds and facilities was a perfectly sensible option, and the IOC nixed it. LOCOG, or I suspect, one or two key individuals climbing the greasy pole, then decided they would have an iconic backdrop, forgetting the amount of space needed for safety concerns. The barracks are stunning it is true, but impractical. The Dartford shooting club has raised a petition to move the shooting venue there, and they can prove it will provide 'legacy' and they have the space needed for an 'exclusion' zone. It has been discussed in Parliament and Tessa Jowell still hasn't provided an answer on the safety concerns. It's a bit like the beach volleyball in Horseguards - it'll look great on TV but neither great for the athletes or for the taxpayer.

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We're getting a much clearer idea of how this will look now:


1. Olympic Stadium:


2. Basketball Arena:


3. Energy centre:




5. Handball Arena:


6. Hockey centre?

7. Eton Manor?

8. BMX Circuit:


9. Velodrome:


10. Sponsors village?

11. Olympic Village:


12. Aquatics Centre:


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The Velodrome is my favourite venue at the moment as well. I knew Hopkins would come good on that venue!

I also really like the stadium the more I see it in its parkland context. It's been refined to the point where, rather than looking a bit like a custard trifle as it did when it was first revealed in late 2007, it looks like it will be a lighweight and neat solution.

I think the copper facade of the Handball arena will look much better than it does in the renders (a bit more textured and responsive to the light, like this) and hopefully the facade of the basketball arena, which has yet to be decided, will look great.

I still hate those wings on the aquatics centre. I can understand the need for them but don't like them.

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They're adding more webcams, there are now 3 on the stadium and more on the village now there is something to see. Hopefully there will be a velodrome one soon. I do like the fact they are giving us such a glimpse of how the venues and the park is developing over the coming years. Well done London 2012.

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Reported on the news tonight that the Basketball arena received planning permission today. Cost of venue: £60 Million.

I remember in the bid presentation London 2012 clearly stated that they would relocate some temporary stadia. I hope this is one of them, as it seems a hefty price to pay for something that will only be used for 4 weeks.

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Construction has begun on the velodrome for the London Olympics, which organisers hope will be the fastest cycling track in the world by 2012. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) said the venue will give British cyclists and aspiring Olympians and Paralympians a place to practice.

Beijing Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy helped design the 6,000 seat venue in Stratford, east London.

The former West Ham tip site will cost £105m to transform.

The 2012 velodrome is being constructed by ISG and has been designed by Hopkins Architects.

Lord Coe, London 2012 chairman, said: "Britain leads the way in world cycling and deserves a world-class stage in 2012 so the start of work on time on a landmark new cycling venue for London is a significant milestone."

Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell said: "Today we've witnessed the start of construction of what, with the help of Sir Chris Hoy who helped design the velodrome, we hope will be the fastest track in the world for London 2012, helping Olympic and Paralympic cyclists better their awe-inspiring performances last summer."

The chairman of the ODA John Armitt said the velodrome would be a "world-class cycling venue with a record-breaking track for events in 2012 and the legacy of first-class facilities to help create the next generation of Olympic champions".

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I had never stopped to take a look at all the plans of the 2012 Olympic Games, and all I can say is these are going to be some HUGE games (for the good or for the bad). Like, Beijing Hugeness.

I can't deny that it sounds crazy to me to spend so much money in venues that will be used for 2 weeks and then be dismantled (550 million pounds in that stadium? :o ), but I can say that, during those two weeks, we will have the Olympic Games in the most beautiful venues of the world. And that beautiful park will still be there.

What an Olympic plan! Almost everything is concentrated in a single region of the city, and you can see so many venues in the same render...it's just breathtaking. And we will also have the best stadium of the world (Wembley) and probably the best Arena (O2 - from what I've seen in the Gymnastics World Championship, on TV), in the rest of the city. I'm absolutely impressed.

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Almost everything is concentrated in a single region of the city, and you can see so many venues in the same render...it's just breathtaking.

Lovely to hear such praise.

I'd forgotten this thread existed till I was looking for a place to put the new webcam photos. And I'd forgotten about some of these renders as well.

This render is probably my favourite. Going from left to right you can see the velodrome, basketball arena, Olympic village, Aquatics Centre, and the Olympic Stadium. And you get a real sense of the park and the waterways as well.

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An exhibition has opened at City Hall for anyone that didnt get to go on the olympic park tour this year

Its an interactive exhibit that includes a simulator allowing visitors to navigate their way around the completed Olympic Park.

For a three week period, the free exhibition will be staffed by volunteers from across the London 2012 project and will include a model of the Olympic Park and models of venues such as the Olympic Stadium and Velodrome.

ODA’s Chairman John Armitt said: 'We have had over 40,000 visitors to the Olympic Park construction site to see the progress we are making, but this exhibition will give people a chance to see what their Olympic Park will look like when we have finished the "big build".'

Some of the first visitors to the exhibition were Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and the ODA’s 'Construction Crew - representatives from local schools around the Olympic Park who act as the project’s ambassadors.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'This exhibition is a great opportunity for Londoners and tourists to see the fantastic progress being made on the Olympic Park. It shows how our plans for 2012 are shaping up and how the Park will look when the greatest show on earth opens in under three years time.'

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Thanks for those pics Marrio

Found this browsing the net tonight, a picture someone took from a plane:


Stadium is obviously visible.

Aquatics Centre roof to the far right in the middle

Just above this will be the water polo venue

Boxy building at the top is the IBC/MBC

Handball arena is being constrcucted in the space surrounded by blue fences just below the IBC/MPC

Hockey venue will be just to the right of the IBC/MPC

Warm up tracks will be built in the bottom left of the photo


Out of shot, to the right of the photo are the velodrome, bmx circuit, basketball arena and Olympic Village


Map of the site

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