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Application For The Position Of President Of


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Dear Sir,

With all respect, I wish to apply for the position of president of the Gamesbids.com 2016 bid Evaluation committee. The ongoing bid required deligence and thorough scrutiny for transparency into each an every bid that's been presented so far in the race. It has come to the urgent notification that a need for a president to organise and evaluate the various presentation by each city is very importantly expidient, of which with my high qualification in the field of cross-examination and haven't participated in one or two bids has given me an edge to carry it out with no hitches.

Therefore, I would solicit for your further information on any assistance with the team I would be collecting as soon as I recieve my approval.

However, my experiences are:

1. I have read the Glascow and Abuja 2014 bids and Evaluation reports

2. I have read and examined Beijing 2008 bid and evaluation Report online.

3. I have participated in Gamesbids.com World Cup 2014.

4. I also took part in the ongoing Gamesbid.com Olympic 2016 bids.

Having this laudable experience in the games I hope bring improvement to future bids. I also hope I would be given the chance to carry out my evaluation as require by rules and regulations governing the bid processes.

I am expecting your able response with appreciated effort.

Yours faithfully,


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lol. he has read a few bid books. lol

james ive read enough ioc bid books, evaluation reports and commission reports to make u dizzy (with a particular focus on the venues proposed and sports concept)...puppy has prob read and seen enough to to make the rest of us dizzy.

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I have no doubt there are better qualification from most people here than I. But, the question is are they ready to take such position and collate information sincerelly?

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