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I Have To Say What I Feel...

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Hi! This is the place where you can find out about Miami 2016 - The Sunshine Games - America's bid to host the Games of the XXXI Olympiad and the XV Paralympic Games.


Check out my bid!

Download the Miami 2016 Bid Book here and have fun reading!

Maybe pour yourself a mojito or cut yourself a big slice of key lime pie and have a read. Or print off a copy head down to the beach, catch some rays and watch the beautiful people go by and give it a go. Yeah, that's Miami...


Young or old, athlete or fan, it's a fun time for everyone!

Hit it, Rose!

*Bea Arthur, Betty White, Jessica Alba and that guy in the clingy wet swim trunks all endorse the wonders of Miami!*

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Ahhh, right now it is 28 degrees Celsius in sunny Miami. That's 82 Farenheit. A perfect day for hitting the beach. Maybe sip on a cohiba on a patio someplace and dream of hosting the Olympics.

It also happens to be 28 degrees in Boston right now. Oh, that's Farenheit. Or -2 Celsius. And its snowing. Well, someone's gotta make the ice to put in the cohiba. Have fun shoveling. Maybe you'll get the Olympics someday...Winter, that is.

Miami 2016 - more nice, less ice.

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Miami had a great week.

First the city penned a new deal for a new stadium - future home of MLB's Marlins. The deal will see a new stadium with retractable roof rise above the grounds of the Orange Bowl - an icon of Miami set for demolition this year.

Then the very next day, TNMP named Miami as a candidate city for the 2016 Olympics. The gracious city says "Thank you for your support! Now get out there and vote for the sunniest and funnest bid there is!"

The new stadium will be part of the package - designed a special way to serve as the Olympic stadium, Marlins stadium and a future soccer stadium. It will resemble designs for the 1996 Atlanta Games and the final proposal for the 2012 bid from New York City.

All that, and a week of sunny 28C/82F degree weather!

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A pragmatic and practical stadium design for Miami Olympic Bowl will be revealed shortly.

The world's best athletes will get a great Olympic stadium in 2016. And the Miami Marlin's will have a great baseball field for 2011 and again beyond 2016. The idea is similar in concept to Atlanta's in 1996, but it will be a design that is markedly different. Also like Atlanta's, it proves there is no need for a giant white elephant that will sit empty for years after the Games.

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Miami is the place for the gold, girls!

But BEA warned! If Miami does not win, there will be a serious bee in Bea's bonnet!


And it she will personally appear on your doorstep to make sure you understand that when it comes to this vote, you want steak, not a hamburger!

View discretion advised!

You REALLY don't want that.

But if you are a "friend of Dorothy" and vote for Miami, Betty White has a present for you.

More viewer discretion advised!!!

Miami 2016...more nice. Less vice. Take our advice!

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