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Coverage Of Singapore's Yog 2010 Bids

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[7.03pm - Singapore Time] The live telecast from Lausanne has started. Tension grows among the audience... For the next few minutes, whenever the name of "Singapore" is being mentioned, the crowds scream as loud as possible. "Singapore! Singapore! Singapore!"...


[7.08pm - Singapore Time] Together we stands, regardless of race and religion, rain or shine, win or loss... Hey! Faster lah! So tension already still don't want to announce! Hahaha! I can hear some sounds that "Yee... Ye... Ar.... Please... please....."

[7.11pm - Singapore Time] Rooge - "The IOC has the honour to annouce that the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 are awarded to the city of Singapore!" Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[7.11pm onwards - Singapore Time] The celebration party begin! Singapore has become the 1st city to host Summer Youth Olympic Games. Singapore is also the 1st City in South East Asia, 4th City in Asia to have the honour to host Olympic Games. Singapore is also the smallest country ever to host an Olympic Games event. Singapore also..... Singapore just simply unique and always having surprise! :)

Pss.. The girl in the photo is my sister. :)


[7.50pm - Singapore Time] The party has been extended whole night long! But need to go back to JB early, thus we had leaved early from Padang.

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