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What New Stadium Is Being Built Today?

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The new Dallas Stadium looks okay but Lucas Oil Field and the new Giants stadium don't turn my crank in terms of classic Stadium architecture. They just look like big barns. Too corporate.

In the case of Indy, with Lucas Oil some of the seats seem so far away from the field! Might as well watch it on tv if you're gonna sit that far away.

Let me take a guess. Lucas Oil Field will be used for Conventions too, is this correct? I'm guessing so because of the elaborate roof system.

And in Dallas? Will the new Stadium be used for Conventions too, though it's in Arlington which is 15 miles out of Dallas.

One Stadium I like in terms of architecture is Arrowhead Stadium in KC.

Cowboys Stadium likely won't host any conventions as Dallas already has a 1 million plus square foot convention center in downtown. The stadium is expandable to 100,000 which they will do for the 2011 Super Bowl. The stadium is also set to host the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and the 2014 Final Four. I'm not quite 100% on this but I believe Cowboys Stadium is the largest stadium in the world as far as square footage.

About basketball in domed stadiums. Normally half of the stadium is sectioned off for basketball for better a spectator view. However, for the All-Star Game and Final Four, the plan is to put the court dead center of the stadium, much like in the rendition of Lucas Oil Stadium. So you're correct if you don't have a floor seat, you will be too far from the action. As for Lucas Oil Stadium, take another look at it especially from the outside. The architecture of the stadium as well as Conseco Fieldhouse is designed to be an homage the the old fieldhouses of Indiana and its rich history in basketball. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best places in the U.S. to see a football game. Great atmosphere.

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