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Hamburg 2016

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

we, the citizens of Hamburg, would like to invite you and the youth of the world to celebrate the Games of the XXXI. Olympiad and the Paralympic Games here in North Germany in 2016.

The Olympic Games are not a sport event only, but a celebration of life - since the Olympic Games and the Paralympics would take place not in stadiums and venues only, but in the city itself - in a city, where you can feel the pulse of life!

Best regards

The citizens of Hamburg

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1. what sort of security plan will monitor access to the site considering the amount of canals and rivers that surround the site.

2. wil access to the main site( i.e. olympic stadium and other venues) be possible only by the one bridge visible?

Is this sufficient considering the Osaka Island access for the 2008 bid was criticized by the IOC

in general though the developments around hafencity, to be accelerated by hosting the games are of a superb quality and are definitely feasible. The quality of buildings would also be of a high standard considering the quality of structures that already exist around the site.

with a few details addressed the sports concept around hafencity would be a great legacy to the city.

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Sorry that I didn't answer earlier, but I have problems with my internet provider again and didn't have access at home:

1.) Hamburg has a harbour police, which will protect the venues, the Olympic Village and the Media center in the Olympic Park - furthermore the German navy and coast guard will support this work. The Senate of Hamburg (Hamburg's government (Hamburg is an own state in the Federal Republic of Germany)), the authorities of Hamburg, the organisation team of the Olympic Games, the Federal government, the Federal German authorities, the German military forces, the German coast guard and the German secret service will form a security council for the Games.

2.) the "Kleiner Grasbrook" (the peninsula, where the proposed Olympic Park would be build) is connected in several ways:


light green = the rapid transit system connects the Olympic Park directly with the central station

light blue = a new underground line will connect the Jungfernstieg with the hafencity and the Olympic Park (this line is already under construction)

pink = motorways and main streets

pink circle = the new "living bridge"

yellow = the Landungsbrücken will be connected with the Olympic Park with ferries

(On this picture I marked the main traffic links only)

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From an arial view hamburg looks like a heavily industrial city. How is the quality of air like in Hamburg?

james, if u weren't overly concerned about Beijing, why should u all of a sudden be concerned about the (fictional) air of Hamburg (which is a port city, therefore by the sea, therefore gets a fresh infusion of fresh sea air nearly every time)? :blink:

And u want to preside over these august contests? Oy, james -- get real wilya?

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During the Fifa World Cup 2006 showed Hamburg citizens and companies their deep bonds to the sport with "blue goals" - in 2016 the city will be illumnated by the different sport pictograms in blue (the water), white and red (the colours of the city)!!!


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I won't start to PM and ask to vote for Hamburg - that is not my way!

The bid and the legacy are the most important things - to offer the athletes and the world a kind of home - Hamburg's city centre will become a place where sports and life meet


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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

my name is Fiete. I am 10 years old school boy from Hamburg and I have a dream. In 8 years I would like to welcome the athletes of the world in my hometown.

I suppose my cousin from Chicago - Chicago is the US sister-city of Hamburg - would be here and we can go together to the Opening Ceremony. He and I are very into athletics and aquatics and I am really looking forward to watch the Open Water Swim in the Aussenalster. That will become amazing the "Alsterwanderweg" (which is a special path) around the lake would be full of people. The new Olympic Stadium right at the river Elbe would be like a pearl next to the water. Two years ago - during the FIFA World Cup - many guest from around the world were here and it was a wonderful athmosphere in the streets and I hope that we have the chance to have something comparable again, when Hamburg hosts the Olympic Games in 2016.

Thanks very much for listining to me


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Thanks everybody, who supported Hamburg during the contest!!!!

I have to say that I am a little bit sad, that the bid lost in the final showdown, but I hope I had been able to show that Hamburg could host fantastic Summer Games!!! Therefore I am glad that TNMP gave me the opportunity to introduce my hometown to the other GB-members!

The other bids were just fantastic, too and I agree that it has been the best contest so far.

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