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Hamburg 2016

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Hamburg is inviting the youth of the world to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Northern Germany.

The red castle represents the city - the wave lines represent on one hand the waters of Elbe and Alster and on the other hand the vibrating pulse of life - the olympic colours should mean that the Olympic Games will be part of the life in the city of Hamburg.

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It's time to introduce

Fiete, the seagull, which would become the mascot of the Hamburg Olympics

Fiete is a very typically name in Northern Germany and he speaks "Missingsch", what is the dialect of Hamburg...

"Moin Moin" means "Hello" and/or "Welcome"


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The Olympic Park embedded in the urban developement plan for Hamburg - areas on the south side (north is on the bottom) of the river Elbe, which were previously used as harbour area will be changed into a recreation/residential area, which will become the link between the city centre and Wilhelmsburg, which will become the next urban developement area...

Therefore the Olympic Games of 2016 would change Hamburg forever and will have a great legacy!!!!

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A - Olympic Stadium (Athletics)

B - Olympic Aquatic Center (Aquatics)

C - Olympic Dome (Gymnastics, Basketball)

D - City Hall/Jungfernstieg (Triathlon, Open Water Swim, Athletics-Marathon, Athletics-Walk, Cycling-Road)

E - Hamburg Exhibition (Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Fencing, Modern Penthalon - Fencing, Modern Penthalon - Shooting, Gymnastics, Judo, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Wrestling)

F - Millerntor (Hockey)

G - Sternschanzenpark (Modern Penthalon - Run, Modern Penthalon - Ride)

H - Rotherbaum (Tennis)

I - Stadtpark (Archery, Weightlifting)

J - Entenwerder (Beach-Volleyball)

K - Airport

L - Central Station

M - Motorway

N - S-Bahn (subway)

O - U-Bahn (underground)

P - Olympic Village

Q - Media Centre

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The Olympic Village


in the east (which is on the right) will be the media centre built - for the media centre five architectures from Chicago had been asked to create some proposals - since the square will be called "Chicago Square" (Chicago is the sister city of Hamburg)

here are the five proposals:











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Sailing will be held in Lübeck-Travemünde

One of the most famous views of Lübeck (the hometown of our honorable member Kaufy) - the old town belongs to the world heritage:


Holstentor (in the background St. Mary (left) and St. Peter (right)) - this gate was shown on the old 50 Deutsche Mark note

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Hamburg-Airport - the airport of Hamburg is redesigned at the moment - this year the new airport plaza, a shopping centre, and a subway line to the city centre will be opened - next year the construction of a new airport hotel will be finished.

In the south of Hamburg is another airport, which is used by Airbus Industries - this airport will be the airport for the Olympic Family...

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Nothing bout the bid. But where's a good place to get a hamburger in Hamburg? ;)

well - this one is quite good:

Jim Block - it is a small restaurant chain, which belongs to a very common Steak house chain in Northern Germany

Menue - pdf

I love the "raw" menu - without bread

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We have no problems with smog or pollution - Germany has a high standard in environmental protection - no matter if that are emissions by the industry or private houses/cars (there are even laws that you aren't allowed to burn your private garden rubbish) ...

In the case of pollution the industry or private persons are punished.

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