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Milano2000 Candidacy


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I found, by accident, some stuff about the unmistakable Milano2000 bid.. remember? The one which at that time didn't reached the Application procedure for abandon.

It's a promo brochure published in November 1991 with few renders and a general presentation which has been send me by a milanese.. I know it's not much but I think that someone would be interested in taking a look at it though.

Click on to enlarge.







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There was no such thing as "Application phase" back in the early 90s: any city wanting to apply for the Games could become a candidate city.

Actually, Milano withdrew in early 93, shortly after submitting its official bid books.

We might scan it and add it to the Bid Library at some point.

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Is there any chance you could post it the bidlibrary later? I would really appreciate it.

I intend to eventually.

But the whole process is time consuming and there is a lot we intend to put on the Library.

Milano bid book also includes some huge blue prints (I would say A1 or A0 format) that seem impossible to print.

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Great aquatics centre pictures!

What was the athletics plan?

The aquatic center looks like a huge concert stage in a very Milanese feel.

As for the athletics plan, there should have been an olympic stadium but unfortunately there's nothing of visual about it on the web.

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I guess so. Afterall San Siro is just football (or at very very most rugby). Any other reinterpretation would sound blasphem.

They should build a new stadium with track and everything.. beside, they planned one just for the 2016 pre-application and there are rumors about a new stadium in view of the 2015expo.

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ops, sorry.. forgot the references.

The two raw drawings posted above (by Malara Associati studio) refers to the plans for the Olympic village&stadium which, from what I understood, should have made part of the original bid book sent to Ioc.

I know, quality is really bad but these are the only pics I found so far.

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