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Games Bids 2016 Summer Olympics Competition!

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Firstly – congratulation to the winning Australian bid for the 2026 World Cup!

Moving right along lets keep what little momentum we have going and let’s kick off the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Competition!

What I would like to see by Sunday, February 3rd 2008 is a list of nominated cities.

On February 4th I will release the required single bid book instructions.

It will be a simple 5-8 page document laying out your venue plans, your bid theme, your budget etc.

Once these have been submitted by a due date to be determined, I will release a report and a shortlist consisting of no more than 5-6 cities. We will the start voting at that point until we have a winner.

No multiple bid books – just the initial submission.

No drawn out extensions that kill all interest – just a quick, sharp competition.

There are some rules regarding cities that can be submitted.

Any city that has won a GB comp cannot be entered – sorry Melbourne, Guatemala City and the other one.

No recent “real” Olympic hosts can be entered – so say goodbye to Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake City, Athens, Turin, Beijing, Vancouver, London and Sochi.

No 2012 or 2016 finalists or bidders – so no to Paris, Madrid, Moscow, New York City, Baku, Chicago, Doha, Madrid, Prague, Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo.

I don’t mean to make this overly difficult – but I’d love to see some originality. So maybe Ankara instead of Istanbul. Maybe Buenos Aires instead of another Santiago bid, etc.

So who is in?


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I know in the real world this wouldnt happen (though im sure CAF is fine with 2 german bids if he goes ahead with Hamburg) but.....

Cologne, Germany....I will be using the spelling Cologne as i dont know which is more acceptable, Cologne, Koln, Koeln....CAF?


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I'm in, I still haven't decided which city. I have a lot work to do until the 5th of february (then my little holiday starts), but I'll try to be ready by the 3th

It's OK ghost1 - you just need to announce your bid city at this point. The bid book/brihure instructions wont be announced until Feb 4 so you wont have to do anything until then. I assure you the bid book/brochure requirements will be pretty tame.

I'm going to go with Hong Kong since my 2028 bid kind of went nowhere - however I will not be shortlisting myself - I just want to finish the bid I planned.

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Total rip off of the 2010 World Cup bid logo - but awesome!!


I fucking love it though, Rol!

I am just reusing my HK 2028 logo as I love it -


Wow! To tell you the absolute truth, I'd never seen (or can't remember seeing) the WC bid logo, so that's a coincidence (or maybe a subliminal influence).

By the way, I like the notion of a single bid book phase. Should net a few more finalists.

Could we have a campaigning phase between the short list and actual voting?

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