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Both are right here. The mayor was the most responsible for all the problems during the construction of the venues, with clearly focus on the real state (I can mention the Marina da Gloria situation and, of course, the race track, which I have written here 1.000 times).

With megalomaniac ideas, he thought he would have full support from all areas of the city, without any resistence, and look where we got....

On the other side, the other politicians were, aham, slow when it comes to fill their part. Most of the problems, I believe, was because of our previous governor, Mrs. Rosinha (you can call here Mrs. Daisy or, in a free translation Mrs. Rose) was a stupid and totally incompetent person which was solely there to help his husband, which is getting more and more pathetic as the years go by, to become president.

Her total lack of ability to hold talks with the other executive parts, although on the outside everyone looked happy and focused, was crucial for making the cooperation between governments an olympic effort, instead of a smooth one. Her husband would be the most interested in the failure of the PanAm Games.

But again, if the mayor had looked the Games as a way to help the city, instead of a just a very few 'enterpreneurs', things would have been much better for Rio 2007 and the city.

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