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Gamesbids 2026 World Cup - Final Bid Books

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Here are the ones I have received -


Australia 2026 Volume One

Australia 2026 Volume Two


Greece Turkey 2026 Bid Book


Scandinavia 2026 Bid Book

I am giving Aaron a few more days to get his book to me or to post on his own site (for the love of G-d, just get a tripod page!) and then we'll start voting.

The voting procedure will start when a seperate vote topic is started - and not beofre. Do not vote in here!!!

The process will be preference based.

Your favourite bid gets your number one pick, your number two goes to number 2 -

Your number one gets three points, number two gets two, number three gets one point and your least favourite bid gets nothing.


1. Scandinavia

2. Greece Turkey

3. Australia

4. New Zealand

Thus here Scandinavia will get 3 points, Greece/Turkey gets 2, Australia gets 1 and NZ gets none.

Feel free to discuss the bid books in here.

Most do not conform to the original set stipulations, however to tie this comp up and to get onto the new and improved next comp I have let that slide and have decided to just go with it :)

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boo julia, we want kevin!

New Zealand has officially dropped out of the race, however can be included on the ballot if u wish.

1. Australia (Hindmarsh to 40,000? No way, cant be done. You've got Santos right there in the CBD!Other than that its very good)

2. Turkey/Greece (although a heap of pictures and not very useful information, it still presents enough to JUST scrap infront of the four-way bid for me

3. Denamrk, Sweden, Finland, Norway (just didnt present enough information)

4. New Zealand

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