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Who Deserve Respect Must Shows It


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Some past thoughts about james:

i don't know why people insist on giving him all this attention. it seems obvious enough to me that if you just ignore a troll they have no choice but to go away. you're never going to get them to see the light and become productive members of the community, although you may settle for improving their grammar.
he's a lost-cause bigoted troll from a country about as stable as britney spears. please, just give it up already. this whole road to salvation thing you've been going off on lately is starting to sound awfully preachy, and frankly it's about as exhausting to read as james's posts themselves.

Oh, and you should see her comments on james' English? Truly, truly PETTY. And all of a sudden rushes to james' defense? :rolleyes: A Big Fat Hypocrite.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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