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Striking news after the Evaluation Report

After the release of the Evaluation Report last week, the leaders of the Bidding Committee Chile 2026 said to the press that they are happy because of the overall good evaluation of the mini bid book but now they will focus in solving the problems presented by the Evaluation Report.

Few hours after the release of the report, the mayor of the city of La Serena, Raúl Saldívar, announced that city won't take part in the final bid. The major said that "we were really excited with the idea of hosting a major event like the Football World Cup... but the suggestion of the Evaluation Committee made us think again in our proposal". After this, the mayor announced that they will support the remodelation and expansion of Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso Stadium in its sister city, Coquimbo. "We want that one of the quarterfinals matches will be played in Coquimbo-La Serena conurbation" said Saldívar. After this, the president of the Chilean Football Federation, Harold Mayne-Nichols, announced that a new host city will be chosen after the resignation of La Serena. Probably, the new city will be chosen in the southern part of the country to solve the criticism about the distance between Puerto Montt and the other host cities.

About the criticism of the selection of Arica in Northern Chile, the mayor Carlos Valcarce said that they won't resign and that the city will "carry out the dream of hosting again this event". Valcarce said that they will solve the problems of transportation with the help of Antofagasta, the other host city in the "Large North" zone. One possibility is that the city of Arica will host all the matches of one group so the teams won't have problems travelling to other places of the country.

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