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Baku Website Up And Running

cfm Jeremie

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I don't have photoshop's abilities :(

You don't need photoshop for something like this. I'm assuming you're running windows, if so, it's really easy.

You can take a screenshot of the page by pressing the "Print Screen" button. This copies the whole image of your monitor. This button is usually after the F12 key.

Then using a simple program like MS Paint or even Word, you can just "paste" the picture. From there you can use what ever appropriate tool you have to select just the logo by making a box selection.

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Not too shaby, but it looks more for a Winter Games instead of a summer ones. Why does the logo exactly symbolize?

I'm probably sure that the Azeris round here would give a proper and/or more detailed answer but my guess is that it's meant to symbolize:

- The stick figures found in artwork of prehistoric caves

- Gold symbolizing the wealth of Baku and Azerbaijan

- Arrangement not to form a snowflake, but the rays of the sun

Well that's my thoughts on it, pretty nice logo if you ask me, 100 times better than the fake one people believed was the logo a while back, even though they both incorporate the stick figures.

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I found a very very little version of the logo on a Spanish blog about Olympics


If you want it for your signature Tanaka, the website is this.

And don't forget adding Rio's logo too ;)

Happy New Year for everyone! :lol:


As easy as taking a Screen Shot... :).

By the way, you can find information about the petroglyphs of the logo at http://www.baku2016.org.az/browse.php?sec_id=21, in Baku's official site.

The gold, I just think it relates to 'success'

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