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Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey  

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...and today I love icehockey!!!!! Canada´s junior team won 20 straight games in WJCH but today it was to the end-against SWEDEN or we as Swedes call them, Småkronorna!

WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME BETWEEN CANADA-SWEDEN!!! I´m laughing when I think about all Canadian fans who was thinking "we will win against Sweden with 5-0, blah, blah." But the Swedes show that you cannot underate them!!! I´M SO HAPPY!

But Canada still remains as the Gold Medal favorite, but they will not have a so easy tournament which they think the will!

Canada 3-4 SWEDEN

Well it will be a Canada-Sweden rematch in the final. Canada has never lost to Sweden in a final. This will also be Sweden's first medal in 11 years, the last won was a silver in a finals lost during the Drive for Five.

Game History

2001 - Canada 2 - 1 Sweden

2002 - Canada 5 - 2 Sweden

2003 - Canada 7 - 2 Sweden

2005 - Canada 8 - 1 Sweden

2007 - Canada 2 - 0 Sweden

2008 - Canada 3 - 4 Sweden

So, should be interesting. I am happy Johan Alcen of the Sweden is a Colorado Avalanche prospect, he looks really good.

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As for watching a game; i'd probably only go for the atmosphere (so it'd have to be an important game). I dont really see a 20,000 ice hockey game really comparing to 50,000+ at a soccer or football match

The best hockey games I've ever seen in my life were in arenas of 2-3000 where the games were really close, the play was intense, there were a lot of fights (yes, part of the game...and I secretly love that part best) and everyone was on their feet and cheering.

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