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Try to be smart? I don't have to because I am; and most of you Brazilians (except Rominger) would be too dumb to recognize that anyway. ;):P

I´d be dumb IF I recognized you as smart ! :lol: Thanks heavens I´m not dumb enough for that.

Ok, that´s my last post for you Baron. I´ll let you live your fantasy peacefully.

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1. yep, I saw some of his opinions about São Paulo and about Rio too. He talks as someone who actually DOESN´T know anything about both cities

I was just stating that it´s useless for you and for RIOMAN to upset him, and this only lends to more and more irritating stuff. (That´s exactely what he wants to do here) It´s better if we just ignore his posts and keep the conversation among the members who really want to take the issues further.

U KNOW I'm right.

I´d be dumb IF I recognized you as smart ! Thanks heavens I´m not dumb enough for that.

First smart move by some Brazilians in months.

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A lot of the arguments against Rio's bid for the sake of the city are pretty valid. Much of the economy is already disrupted enough with the slum problems, and petty corruption and bribery on smaller levels renders any positive widespread changes invalid. (Which doesn't mean there isn't any corruption on a national level either.) The good thing about Rio's bid is that it can bring the problems more awareness and with more worldwide scrutiny and that scrutiny tends to bring on action.

The scrutiny brought on Beijing has done a lot of good for the city even with the massive relocation conflict. Without the games I don't think Beijing would even recognize it's industrial, structural, and environmental problems until the city reached an inevitable state of decay.

The last wild card in Rio's bid depends on Beijing's aftermath, and also if London's preparations go smoothly up to the 2009 vote. Any catastrophe for either would basically end Rio 2016's chances as a success for that bid requires votes cast with optimism in the face of a metropolitan uncertainty.

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Let´s leave Baron living in his own fantasy.

Relax, in the beginning I got mad with Baron, now I see he/she is a character, it's just fake.

Now I'm having some good time being sarcastic with the biggest undercover Rio fan: Baron.

Relax.......... :lol:

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