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Madrid Venues Plan Map


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Madrid showed today its venues plan for 2016. The venues will be allocated mainly in the Olympic Ring -closed to the Stadium- and along Manzanares River. There will be several cities acting as co-host city, among them Barcelona (soccer), Córdoba (soccer), Málaga (soccer), Mérida (soccer), Palma (soccer) and Valencia (sailing).


More info at www.espirituolimpico.wordpress.com (Spanish)

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It´s interesting to compare the Venues Plan Map of the three olympics bids of Madrid: 1972,2012 and 2016.

the Madrid 1972 venues plan map,presented in 1966:


the Madrid 2012 venues plan map,presented in 2005:


and the Madrid 2016 venues plan map,presented yesterday:


we have four historical survivors: "Santiago Bernabeu" football stadium (built in 1947),"Palacio de los Deportes" (built in 1960,rebuilt in 2005),"La Zarzuela" Hippodrome (built in 1941) and the "Club de Campo" (built in 1931).

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Are there any changes between the 2012 venues and the 2016 ones?

10 changes:

basketball to the new Real Madrid Arena (20.000)

cycling (BMX),archery (finals) and beach volleyball to the new park in the Manzanares River

soccer matches in Palma de Mallorca and Mérida

rythmic gymnastics to the Telefónica Madrid Arena (10.500)

hockey to the Olympic Park

canoe (Flatwater) to the new canoeing park in Getafe

sailing to Valencia

the other venues are the 2012 ones:

athletics in La Peineta Stadium (73.000)

badminton,boxing,fencing,judo,taekwondo,table tennis,weightlifting and wrestling to IFEMA

handball in the "Palacio de los Deportes" (15.500)

cycling on track in the new velodrome (olympic park),mountain bike in the "Casa de Campo"

soccer in the "Santiago Bernabeu"(Madrid) and in Barcelona,Málaga,Córdoba.

artistic gymnastics and trampoline in the new Olympic Pavillion

aquatics in the new aquatic complex (Olympic park)

modern pentathlon in the "Club de Campo"

rowing in Aranjuez

canoe (slalom) in La Gavia Park

shooting in Paracuellos del Jarama

volleyball in Coslada

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surely there has to be some limit to the radius which defines a "cluster". Whats the point if the one venue is close to 10km from the other? specifically referring to the manzanares river zone...so because most venues are located along the river its a cluster?

I'd prefer if they stuck to calling it the River Zone rather than a cluster. Paris 2012 had clusters.

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The Madrid "green cycling ring" from the plan in 2012 (does this already exist?) should prove effective in connecting those venues in the west and south. There is an IOC stipulation in calling something a "cluster".... I think it has to have a single security perimeter, like we're seeing in London and Sochi.

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