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Sea Games 2007

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Good and classy logo, i like it (except for the mascots, i prefer the siamese cat)

So well, the games have concluded today, and Thailand became the champion, followed by Malaysia and Vietnam. Let's see how Laos make the show at 2009 (in case they can't afford the task the host will be moved to Singapore)

Handover to Laos 2009:








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i think vietnam had promised some form of help to laos for their edition. it would be the 5oth year that we have been having this SEA Games by then right?

how's the closing ceremonies? was it better than the opening or was it a lesser twin as all closing ceremonies are supposed to be?

from the pictures, it looks like laos made quite a show.

silver lining in the philippine participation, Miguel Molina of swimming was awarded the Male Athlete of the games award.

the philippine did have the second most number of silver and bronze medals in the tally.

the country does seem to have no regard for the Games right now, i solely blame the broadcaster here fopr failing to give the usual amount of coverage. Thank God, they wont be handling the Beijing coverage next year.

Congratulations to Malaysia for overtaking Vietnam, while Kudos to Vietnam for earning the rep of a emerging sporting powerhouse.

Maybe a lesson that could be learned in Korat would be to use other cities as the hub of the Games and not just the capital. It would give the other lesser known cities a boost.

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I like their logo now better than the one earlier posted. very classy. the mascots are nice. I like them a lot.

it is indeed confirmed that gymnastics and basketball are some of the events that will be scrapped in 2009. but as of press time, thailand has been making negotiations if they could co-host with Laos.

I say, they shouldn't consider that immediately specially, the 1999 Brunei Games did have a smaller number of events and it turned out fine.

It's high time to streamlinje the number of events in the SEAG.

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what was the medal "allocation" during the 2001 and 2003 Games?

Can anyone remember if there were other SEAG editions wherein the overall champion led by as much as what the Thais did? A margin of more than 100+ gold medals is just whack!

Thailand did it before in 1995 . 157 to Indonesia's 77. Indonesia did in 1997 . 194 Golds in compartison's to Thailand's 83 .

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1997 SEA Games: Jakarta, INDONESIA


INDONESIA: 194-101-115

THAILAND: 83-97-78

MALAYSIA: 55-68-75

PHILIPPINES: 43-56-108

VIETNAM: 35-48-50

1999 SEA Games: Bandar Seri Begawan, BRUNEI


THAILAND: 65-48-56

MALAYSIA: 57-45-42

INDONESIA: 44-43-58

SINGAPORE: 23-28-45


2001 SEA Games: KL, Penang, JB, MALAYSIA


MALAYSIA: 111-75-85

THAILAND: 103-86-89

INDONESIA: 72-74-80

VIETNAM: 33-35-64


2003 SEA Games: Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


VIETNAM: 158-97-91

THAILAND: 90-93-98

INDONESIA: 55-68-98


MALAYSIA: 44-42-59

2005 SEA Games: Manila, PHILIPPINES


PHILIPPINES: 113-84-94

THAILAND: 87-78-118

VIETNAM: 71-68-89

MALAYSIA: 61-49-65

INDONESIA: 49-79-89

2007 SEA Games: Korat, THAILAND


THAILAND: 183 123 103

MALAYSIA: 68 52 96

VIETNAM: 64 58 82

INDONESIA: 56 64 83

SINGAPORE: 43 43 41

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Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines are the only countries so far who have the ability to become overall champions. This however depends on the type of events that are contested.

It is unfortunate that hosts tend to leave out events that could not contribute to their gold medal tally from the overall program.

For example: rhythmic gymnastics

Malaysia has been known to be the best in the region in this sport. When Malaysia hosted, we offered 6 gold medals: Individual All-Round, Team, and each of the 4 apparatus finals.

There was a time when only 2 gold medal was offered: Individual All Round and Team.. by countries who do not have a strong rhythmic gymnast team. So Malaysia has already lost a potential of 4 gold medals there...

Same goes for diving. Many countries who have hosted, did not have the synchronised diving events.. so they just offered 6 instead of 10 gold medals in diving.

Sometimes, the entire sports programme is dropped.. to the host's advantage.

Even in the weightlifting, and other events with weight categories... some hosts only offer events in certain weight categories that they could have a chance to medal.

Another glaring example is MUAY THAI or Thai kick boxing... Korat SEA Games offered something like 11 gold medals in that event. And Thailand won all but 1, I think...

But sometimes, the host nation athletes do perform above expectations when they are competing in their own country... that in a way contributes to the high number of gold medals won compared to other times.

Judging in subjective sports is a MAJOR problem not just in SEA Games, but Asian Games as well... it is only in the SEA Games or the Asian Games. Malaysia's bodybuilder who is a 3-time Mr Universe title holder can lose in the SEA Games or the Asian Games when he just won the Mr Universe title just a couple of months before.. and the funny thing is that, the winner seem to disappear come the next SEA Games or Asian Games... and not competing anymore..

But above all this, I'm happy that in subjective sports such as diving, Malaysia won 7 out of 10 golds in Korat.. and in rhythmic gymnastics, 4 out of 6 offered. Also karate, 8 out of 16 offered. This just to show that you just have to be REALLY good that no corrupt judge can deny you the gold. :lol:

To see the true strengths of these major powers of the SEA Games, you need to let the little ones host. Brunei for example, when they hosted, there were just the right number of sports, maybe a little bit too little compared to the Asian Games, but you can see how competitive it was for the big guns... with Thailand emerged champions, Malaysia second, separated by only 8 gold medals.

Indonesia has dropped dramatically since the Asian economic crisis in 1998 due to money problems. Prior to that, they have always traded with Thailand as overall champs. Now, they could only managed 3-6 placings.

I'm looking forward to see how Laos would host the games. Since many of the compulsory sports are to be dropped (unlike the Brunei games), it's interesting to see how the medal tally would be like...

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