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2016 Candidate Cities Slogan

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BAKU: U Bak Baku!

CHICAGO: Coz we're the next best thing to NYC!

DOHA: Desert Olympics Hot Arabs.

MADRID: HAND over those Games,NOW!

PRAGUE: Come on over and 'CZECH' us out!

RIO: It's Carnivolympics Time!

TOKYO: Nip along to Nippon in 2016!

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Chicago: "Uncle Sam, wants you to vote for Chicago!"

Tokyo: "Godzilla's favourite"

Rio: "Samba-lympics"

Madrid: "High 5"

Doha: "No olympics, No oil !"

Prague: "Czech-mate"

Baku: "Next stop: Eurovision !"

In the first place doha doesn't have much oil but gas.

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Its oil produced 500,000 barrels (80,000 m³) per day , for your info. :rolleyes: If you're so smarm , why not come up with you own slogan ? <_<

Hahaha...I stole yours,right? It's not a crime to steal another person's slogan.

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