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Euro 2008 Qualifiers


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Albania v. Belarus

Andorra v. Estonia

Bulgaria v. Romania

Czech Republic v. Slovakia (should be interesting, go Slovakia)

Macedonia v. Croatia (Go Croatia)

*Croatia wins or draws, they are through

Finland v. Azerbaijan (Go Finland)

Germany v. Cyprus (I don't think I would have to state whom I am cheering for)

Greece v. Malta

Netherlands v. Luxembourg

*Netherlands wins, they are through

Israel v. Russia (Go Israel)

Latvia v. Liechtenstein

Lithuania v. Ukraine

Moldova v. Hungary

N. Ireland v. Denmark (Go Denmark)

Norway v. Turkey (GO NORWAY, Sorry Ahmet)

*Norway wins, they are through

Poland v. Belgium (Go Belgium)

*Poland wins, they are through

Portugal v. Armenia (Go Armenia)

Scotland v. Italy (Go Scotland)

*Scotland wins, they are through

*Italy wins, Italy and France are through

Serbia v. Kazakhstan (Go Kazakhstan)

Spain v. Sweden (Go Sweden)

*Sweden win or draw, they are through

*Spain win, they are through

*Spain and Sweden are through if NI and Denmark finish in a draw

Wales v. Rep of Ireland

Hopefully Scotland wins and the other countries left are England/Russia

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Here are today's matches in chronological order (all times in GMT), with all decisive matches in bold:

Grp A Finland 14:00 Azerbaijan -- Finland has to win, in case Portugal wins against Armenia

Grp D Wales 15:00 Republic of Ireland

Grp G Bulgaria 16:00 Romania -- Bulgaria must win if it wants to stay in the race, otherwise the Netherlands are through

Grp F Latvia 16:00 Liechtenstein

Grp C Moldova 17:00 Hungary

Grp E Andorra 17:00 Estonia

Grp B Scotland 17:00 Italy -- If the Scots win, they're through; if Italy wins, Italy and France are through

Grp E Israel 18:00 Russia -- If Russia wins, it will be almost impossible for England to qualify

Grp B Lithuania 18:00 Ukraine

Grp C Norway 18:00 Turkey -- If Norway wins, it's through; and it's all over for Turkey

Grp E F.Y.R. Macedonia 19:00 Croatia -- If Croatia wins, its qualification is secured

Grp D Germany 19:00 Cyprus

Grp G Albania 19:00 Belarus

Grp G Netherlands 19:30 Luxembourg -- If the Netherlands win, they join Romania as the second qualified team of group G

Grp D Czech Republic 19:30 Slovakia

Grp C Greece 19:30 Malta

Grp A Poland 19:30 Belgium -- Poland can secure its qualification with a win

Grp F Northern Ireland 19:45 Denmark -- If both teams draw, they're out of the race; if one team loses, it will be out, too

Grp A Serbia 19:45 Kazakhstan -- If Portugal wins against Armenia, Serbia has to win, too

Grp F Spain 21:00 Sweden -- Both top teams of group F; the winner will have his qualification secured

Grp A Portugal 21:00 Armenia -- If Portugal loses and Finland wins against Azerbaijan, the group will see a real final between Portugal and Finland on Wednesday

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OK, let's pray together Israel can at last held Russia draw.... [-o<, for the other match I support Italy, so Italy and France can go to Austria-Swiss,

Here is the qualifier list that I hope :

Group A : Portugal, Finland (but seems like Poland will qualify with Portugal)

Group B : France, Italy

Group C : Greece, Norway

Group D : Germany, Czech

Group E : Croatia, England

Group F : Spain, Sweden

Group G : Romania, Netherlands


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Whether England beat Croatia or not, if England fail to qualify we'll have set an unwanted record.

We'll have set the record points total for a non-qualifier in the qualification stages.

Norway currently hold the record, getting 20 points but failing to qualify for Euro '96. England could smash this record by failing to qualify on 26 points!!

Granted, there are more teams in Europe than there were back in '96 (we're in a group of seven whilst Norway were in a group of six) but 26 points would have seen England through in every other group apart from the one they're in!

That 0-0 against Macedonia really harmed us. There have been three very consistent teams in Group E and it is a shame one of them will have to miss out.

Keep my fingers crossed for Isreal tonight... :o

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Wales 2-2 Rep. of Ireland, disappointing end to a disappointing qualification for both Wales and Ireland, Wales had none of the magic that they did in their bid to qualify for 2006.

Wales still has one match to go, on Wednesday against Germany.

The first of the two most important matches of tonight has started: And Italy has already scored the 1-0 against Scotland... Go, Scots! Clench your teeth!

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Scotland is an utter disappointment currently -- they are lucky that the 2-0 for the Italians was denied. The Scots must seriously improve in the second half, although I have little hope that they'll manage that. Italy plays much too skilful today, despite the bad weather conditions of which I actually expected it would benefit the Scots.

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Very poor officiating throughout the game. The ref and his linesmen got all the major decisions wrong.

1. Italy scored a perfectly good goal that was disallowed

2. Scotland's equaliser was offside.

3. The freekick that Italy got for their winner should have been a Scotland free kick.

On balance, the decisions went against Italy more than they did against Scotland so the result was fair enough. But it was shambolic refereeing for such a high profile game.

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