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Mascot(s) Coming Nov 27, 2007


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I've read this, but haven't seen still any pic:

Official mascots of 2010 Olympics are three critters and a marmot friend.

Nov, 27 2007 - 10:20 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - The animal creatures are a sea bear named Miga, a Sasquatch named Quatchi and Sumi, and a mythical thunderbird spirit.

They also have a sidekick named Muk-Muk who's a marmot.

The mascots have been unveiled under heavy security with Vanoc volunteers closely guarding the media kits right up until they were handed out at 10am.

A four-minute video showcasing the west coast history of the mascots has also been released and it can be seen at the Vanoc website..www.vancouver2010.com.

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None of the three mascots actually exist in real life: Miga the Sea Bear is a combination of an orca and a sea otter. Sumi, the Paralympic mascot, is a Thunderbird but looks more like a bear with wings.

And Quatchi is the first Sasquatch in history to actually make an appearance before human beings.

As for Mukmuk, it’s actually the only real animal. But Vanoc says it isn’t really a mascot and will only make appearances on its website.

I have some doubts... :P

- If Miga is the Olympic Mascot and Sumi is the Paralympic Mascot, what's Quatchi?

- Is Mukmuk the official website's mascot? I can't understand this... :huh:

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How 'bout a spirit ottear?

Well, I was awfully close. ["Miga the Sea Bear is a combination of an orca and a sea otter."] Only, I had the combo as a bear-otter.

So VANOC is now in the genetics-mutation business? :lol:

Muk-Muk was lifted from BALTO where there were 2 characters (voiced by Phil Collins) named Muk and Luk.

Overall though, inoffensive. But VANOC is trying too hard. I don't see how kids can get excited about non-existent hybrid critters.

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Personally i was expecting a biggest flop, but looks like they did a good job this time. Im my personal opinion, these are BETTER mascots that the Torino ones, since they represent more the region in which the olympics are being hold. However, i still don't know why i cant unrelate them with the fuwas (maybe because of their style).

Can't wait to watch the unveiling vid at Youtube, maybe it will grow up for me.

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Meet the 2010 Olympic mascots

COPYRIGHT Vancouver Sun

Here's the story of the three mascots from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic website.

Quatchi is a young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada. Quatchi is shy, but loves to explore new places and meet new friends. Although Quatchi loves all winter sports, he’s especially fond of hockey. He dreams of becoming a world-famous goalie.

Because of his large size, he can be a little clumsy. But no one can question his passion. He knows that if he works hard and always does his best, he might one day achieve his dream. Quatchi is always encouraging his friends to join him on journeys across Canada. He is also often recruiting others to play hockey — or at least to take shots at him!

The sasquatch is a popular figure in local native legends of the Pacific West Coast. There is both a legendary ‘woman-of-the-woods’ (a slightly fearsome figure whose stories are told to discipline young children) and a ‘man-of-the-woods’ (a shy giant who lurks in the forests). The sasquatch reminds us of the mystery and wonder that exist in the natural world, igniting our imagination about the possibility of fantastical creatures in the great Canadian wilderness.

Sumi is an animal spirit who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. Like many Canadians, Sumi's background is drawn from many places. He wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear.

Sumi’s name comes from the Salish word “Sumesh” which means “guardian spirit.” Sumi takes his role very seriously. He works hard to protect the land, water and creatures of his homeland. Sumi is a great fan of the Paralympic Games. He’s determined to learn all the sports, so he can play and race with his animal friends all winter long.

Transformation is a common theme in the art and legend of West Coast First Nations. Transformation represents the connection and kinship between the human, animal and spirit world. Revered animals, such as the orca whale, the bear and the thunderbird, are depicted in transformation through masks, totems and other forms of art. The orca is the traveller and guardian of the sea. The bear often represents strength and friendship. And the thunderbird — which creates thunder by flapping its wings — is one of the most powerful of the supernatural creatures.

Miga is a young sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod, out past Vancouver Island near Tofino, British Columbia. Sea bears are part killer whale and part bear. Miga is part Kermode bear, a rare white bear that only lives in British Columbia.

All summer long, Miga rides waves with local surfers. But during the winter months, she often sneaks onto the shores of Vancouver to seek adventure. When Miga discovered that humans were 'surfing' on snow, up in the mountains, she knew she had to join the fun. Snowboarding soon became her favourite winter sport. Her dream is to land a corked 720 in the half-pipe one day… It will take lots of practice, and a few falls along the way, but she’s sure she can do it.

The sea bear is inspired by the legends of the Pacific Northwest First Nations, tales of orca whales that transform into bears when they arrive on land. The Kermode bear is a rare white or cream-coloured sub-species of the black bear that is unique to the central West Coast of British Columbia. According to First Nations’ legend, Kermode bears — also known as Spirit Bears — were turned white by Raven to remind people of the Ice Age. Orcas are also honoured in the art and stories of West Coast First Nations, as travellers and guardians of the sea.

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"Please Note

Due to scheduled maintenance, vancouver2010.com is temporarily unavailable. Please return in a few hours to visit the official website of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."

Yeah, i think they are putting the new design with the mascots. Since one of them will appear mostly on the website...

Sumi, (pronounced "sue - me") is the evil unauthorized user of the Olympic Rings logo.

Hahahahahahahahaha :lol:

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Overall its the best mascots since Sydney with the expection of Beijing.

I think Coal, Copper and Powder of Salt Lake were equally good in that they were based on real animals and presented as such -- not some unheard of extra-terrestrial beings.

I also get the feeling that the 'spirit' of MONSTERS, INC. hovers over these 3.

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