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2012 Canoe Slalom Set For Switch


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2012 canoe slalom set for switch

The alternative canoe venue is six miles away

London 2012 organisers are set to move canoe slalom events at the Olympics to a new venue six miles away because of contamination at the original site.

The Olympic Delivery Authority says initial reports indicate it could cost too much to clean up the Spitalbrook site in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

But an alternative site between Waltham Cross and Tebaldi Grove stations has already been identified.

ODA boss David Higgins said: "It is prudent to develop contingency plans."

"Although investigations are still continuing, the initial results indicate that the cost of cleaning up the land for this venue would be prohibitive given budget and time restrictions," the chief executive added.

"Venue designs continue to be developed so that a planning application can be submitted once the site discussions are completed. We are on track to complete the venue for test events in 2011."

If a final decision is taken to relocate the venue, a case will then be presented to the International Canoeing Federation and the International Olympic Committee.

They would then need to give their approval before the new site could be confirmed.

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Granted, while it's not ideal, and the survey is probably something that should have been conducted in detail before it was included in the bid, I think that this will be seen as the ODA conducting the build programme responsibly and thinking with costs and legacy in mind. For me, this report doesn't come across as an embarrassing setback.

Would people agree that the games that we see in execution, while usually mostly the same as the initial bid, often has differences to the bid book, due to things like this?

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