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'ambush' Marketing?

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Was channel-surfing last night and in passing by the ethnic channel last night, ANA Airlines of Japan was running an ad - voiceless, but only the "Ode of Joy" as the audio. It was mostly anime and was a jumble of images parodying a lot of great Hollywood moments -- including Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain,", etc., images of the classics, but always each one with the character (if I remember this rightly) going down the ramp (funny, they didn't use the jetaways (which are so unglamorous) and then the banisters sprouting flowers and all that hallucenogic/coronation stuff.

It sure caught my attention because: 1. I wasn't sure which airline this was. (All those ANA, EVA, All China, All-Tsink, All-Jap airlines all sound the same on first hearing) Well, it turns out to be ANA which is Japanese.

So, (2) obviously it is riding on the coattails, rather it is riding on the red carpet to the Beijing Games. In the Closing signature, it didn't use the Official Rings (or at least not in the split second that I saw it), so it can't be the Official Olympic Airline carrier for the NOC. And then of course, using "Ode to Joy" in the soundtrack seeks a connotation to the Olympics -- but "Ode to Joy" is in the public domain, so legally, they're OK with that.

So, would anyone consider this 'ambush' marketing? Any comments you care to contribute, jeremie, snide or otherwise? <_<

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