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07/08 Uefa Champions League


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Tomorrow's matches. Look who's there!

Lyon - Rangers

Stuttgart - Barcelona

Man. United - Roma ---Any thoughts? :D

Dynamo Kyiv - Sporting

CSKA Moskva - Fenerbahçe

Inter - PSV

Steaua - Arsenal

Sevilla - Slavia

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Man. United - Roma ---Any thoughts?

I have no idea what kind of form Roma are in at the moment. Man Utd have had a slow start to the EPL season but are starting to win again, although not as convincingly as they did last season.

It won't be 7-1, I can say that much.

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Apparently extra police are being deployed for the game after what went on at last season's quarter-final.

Pleasingly, we can now get live Italian football on terrestrial TV in the UK again, so I'm keeping a closer eye on Serie A than in recent years. I haven't seen Roma yet, but I presume they'll be smarting from that result against Inter. United aren't playing to their maximum but they are grinding out results, which is the sign of a quality side. It'll be a close game, I think, but I'll take United to edge it.

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They brilliantly started both serieA and CHl seasons with a sequence of victories to finally crash 4-1 ( -_- ) against Inter last saturday.

according to Indonesian newspaper, Totti said that he prefer to win agaist ManUtd , rather than Inter, so let see what happen tonight... :D

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AC Milan star Kaka says team-mate Dida was "wrong" to react the way he did after being struck by a Celtic fan.

The goalkeeper collapsed dramatically after being hit in the face by the home supporter towards the end of Wednesday's 2-1 defeat at Celtic Park.

He was eventually stretchered off but has been criticised for overreacting.

"He made his choice and we will support him even though what he did was wrong. It was a difficult moment for him," Kaka told the club's official website.

"He had just let in a goal, then there was the slap from that fan."

The supporter who confronted Dida, Robert McHendry, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday and admitted breaching the peace.

Sentencing of the 27-year-old was deferred until 2 November.

Meanwhile, Uefa has launched an investigation into the incident and could punish Celtic, although they are unlikely to forfeit the match.

Uefa's control and disciplinary body will deal with the case at their next disciplinary meeting on 11 October.

There have also been calls for Dida to be punished, too.

Celtic chairman Brian Quinn said: "I'm making no excuses for the behaviour and the fan behaved disgracefully.

"But the contact made with the goalkeeper was minimal. His antics have to be taken into account as well.

"He took a couple of steps after the fan and then obviously made this decision that he should go to ground.

"Unless I missed something, he was carried off on a stretcher for what seemed to be the lightest tap you can imagine."

Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith added: "I was at the match at Celtic Park but I did not see the fan come on to the pitch.

"From what I've been told, he made what could be described as a friendly pat at the goalkeeper, who then decided to fall over.

"To see him leave the park on a stretcher could have been described as farcical."


Watch this and cringe

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UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against AC Milan and their goalkeeper Dida in the wake of events at last week's UEFA Champions League Group D match against Celtic FC in Glasgow.

Disciplinary regulations

The proceedings have been instigated on the basis of Article 5 paragraph 1 of the disciplinary regulations (Principles of conduct), under which "member associations, clubs, as well as their players, officials and members, shall conduct themselves according to the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship". UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body will hear the case on 11 October.

Thursday hearing

On Friday, UEFA announced that it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic on charges of lack of organisation and improper conduct of supporters at the same match (Articles 6 and 11c of the UEFA disciplinary regulations). This case will also be heard by UEFA on 11 October.


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For once, I reckon UEFA have got it about right. A pretty hefty fine for Celtic, half suspended for two years, was fair enough for a club who, when all is said and done, have a very good record in terms of their supporters.

As for Dida, I think they'd have been well justified in banning him for longer, but it probably would have been reduced on appeal, so two's not so bad.

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Yesterday's matches

Lyon 4-2 Stuttgart

Barcelona 2-0 Rangers

Man. United 4-0 Dynamo Kyiv

Sporting 2-2 Roma

Inter 4-2 CSKA Moskva --talking about recovery

Fenerbahçe 2-0 PSV

Steaua 0-2 Sevilla

Slavia 0-0 Arsenal

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Stuttgart 3-2 Rangers

Lyon 2-2 Barcelona

Dynamo Kyiv 1-4 Roma

Man. United 2-1 Sporting

CSKA Moskva 0-1 PSV

Inter 3-0 Fenerbahçe

Sevilla 3-1 Arsenal

Steaua 1-1 Slavia


Beşiktaş 2-1 Marseille

Liverpool 4-1 Porto

Rosenborg 0-4 Chelsea

Valencia 0-0 Schalke

Bremen 3-2 Real Madrid

Lazio 1-2 Olympiacos

Benfica 1-1 Milan

Celtic 2-1 Shakhtar

Groups stand at one match to the 16 (already qualified treams in bold)


Porto 8

Marseille 7

Liverpool 7

Beşiktaş 6


Chelsea 11

Rosenborg 7

Schalke 5

Valencia 4


Real Madrid 8

Olympiacos 8

Bremen 6

Lazio 5


Milan 10

Celtic 9

Shakhtar 6

Benfica 4


Barcelona 11

Rangers 7

Lyon 7

Stuttgart 3


Man. United 15

Roma 10

Sporting 4

Dynamo Kyiv 0


Inter 12

Fenerbahçe 8


CSKA Moskva 1


Sevilla 12

Arsenal 10

Slavia 5

Steaua 1

I'm particualry glad for Roma. Hope it could proceed as much as possible

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I haven't been following the league cos of my exams. I have ended my exams and I will do online follow-up and the satelite tv also.

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Exams ? Which U you go to ? Hamburger University ? or is it Burger King University ?

Just finished my senior secondary school exams. You can call it "burger..." cos you are readily hungry now or whatever you like.

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