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Aussie Team At The Triathlon World Championships

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Today I came back from a business trip to Cologne - suddenly I saw at the airport many very good looking men with the Aussie Flag on their shirts and I said to one of them: "G'day mate - how is it going?" He looked at me and answered "Very well - how is going?" We talked a little bit and I told him that I had been in Australia this march and had a great time down under...

It was the Aussie team for the Triathlon World Championships this weekend here in Hamburg - I wished him luck and told me that he likes the triathlon circuit here in Hamburg, because it is really in the city center (he had been here last year)...

It was a wonderful feeling to meet so many Aussies here in Hamburg ....

@roltel - I will come back to Australia definitely - I miss it...

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Yeah - it was great fun - many people from all over the world had been in Hamburg last weekend!!!

here is the result of the Olympic sprint:

Gold – Daniel Unger (GER) 01:43:18

Silver – Javier Gomez (ESP) 01:43:22 +00:00:04

Bronze – Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) 01:43:36 +00:00:18

Gold – Vanessa Fernandes (POR) 01:53:27

Silver – Emma Snowsill (AUS) 01:54:31

Bronze – Laura Bennett (USA) 01:54:37

"My" Aussies won two medals!!!! YEAH

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And you are not a little bit skeptical about her performances?

Why should I? She's been most certainly tested lots of times and nothing illegal has been revealed or rumored about her. Surely such high-level performances are always targets of anti-doping tests. So, innocent (and excellent athlete) until proved otherwise.

Anyway, she's not the "perfect triathlete" because her weakest sector is the swim, where she rarely finishes upfront. What makes her so strong is her cycling (her father was a cycler who won the 1984 Portuguese Tour) and running abilities that overly compensates her swimming. Moreover, she's been living and training at a special high-performance sports complex since her mid-teen years, and it's rare the season when she (plus other athletes in the same situation) don't go on high-altitude training camps. I think such training methods, along with her unique capabilities, make her an extraordinary athlete.

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