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Osaka 2007

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GOSH you wuld think it is a competition of Sweden vs. Rest of World!

It they did not protest through the correct channels, than you need to divert your anger and frustrations to your own sports federation who should know the rules.

The rules are the rules, water tight and even if it may not have been fair, if it is within the rules it is fair.


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What a great race tonight! The 50km walk is definetely one of the high peak of these championships!

Congratulations to Deakes!

I felt sorrow for Schwazer. If only he had started to accelerate before than he did, he probably could have closed the gap with Diniz (and may be also with Deakes). Pity!

Anyway great prove by him. He confirms his bronze of Helsinki when was the only italian athlete to get a medal in our most embarassly WC of ever.

Let that be a lesson for Beijing and followings!

..and welcome France on the medal board! ;)

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Britain get bronze in the men's 4x100

Great Britain's men's 4x100m relay team claimed the squad's fourth medal of the World Championships on day eight.

Christian Malcolm, Craig Pickering, Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis-Francis clocked 37.90 seconds to finish behind the United States and Jamaica.

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And another surprise for the German team: Danny Ecker has managed to win the bronze medal in the men's pole vault. This is the first German men's pole vault medal ever in IAAF WCH history!

Our team has still some athletes in the women's marathon and the men's 4x400 relay tomorrow, but with actually no chance of winning another medal. So I can already wrap it all up from a German perspective: The German team has won 7 medals (2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze) and has thus surpassed the original prediction by one medal. This is the best result since the 2001 WCH in Edmonton. It gives confidence for Beijing -- and, of course, for the next WCH in 2009 in Berlin:


Berlin 2009 Website

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September 1st (Day 8) results.

Men's 50km Race Walk

1. Nathan Deakes (Australia) -> 3:43:53 (SB)

2. Yohan Diniz (France) -> 3:44:22 (SB)

3. Alex Schwazer (Italy) -> 3:44:38

Women's Wheelchair 1,500m **

1. Chantal Petitclerc (Canada) -> 3:37.10

2. Edith Hunkeler (Switzerland) -> 3:37.49

3. Jessica Galli (USA) -> 3:37.77

Men's Wheelchair 1,500m **

1. Kurt Fearnley (Australia) -> 3:26.30

2. Soejima Masazumi (JAPAN) -> 3:26.62

3. Marcel Hug (Switzerland) -> 3:26.71

Men's Pole Vault

1. Brad Walker (USA) -> 5.86m

2. Romain Mesnil (France) -> 5.86m (SB)

3. Danny Ecker (Germany) -> 5.81m

Women's 5,000m

1. Meseret Defar (Ethiopia) -> 14:57.91

2. Vivian Cheruiyot (Kenya) -> 14:58.50

3. Priscah Jepleting Cherono (Kenya) -> 14:59.21

Men's Decathlon

1. Roman ŠEBRLE (Czech Republic) -> 8,676 points

2. Maurice Smith (Jamaica) -> 8,644 points (NR)

3. Dmitriy Karpov (Kazakhstan) -> 8,586 points (SB)

Women's 4X100m Relay

1. USA (Lauryn Williams, Allyson Felix, Mikele Barber, Torri Edwards) -> 41.98 sec (WL)

2. Jamaica (Sheri-Ann Brooks, Kerron Stewart, Simone Facey, Veronica Campbell) -> 42.01 sec (SB)

3. Belgium (Olivia Borlee, Hanna MARIËN, Elodie Ouedraogo, Kim Gevaert) -> 42.75 sec (NR)

Men's 4X100m Relay

1. USA (Darvis Patton, Wallace Spearmon, Tyson Gay, Leroy Dixon) -> 37.78 sec (WL)

2. Jamaica (Marvin Anderson, Usain Bolt, Nesta Carter, Asafa Powell) -> 37.89 sec (NR)

3. Great Britain (Christian Malcolm, Craig Pickering, Marlon Devonish, Mark Lewis-Francis) -> 37.90 sec (SB)

Tomorrow is the last day of the competitions. Day 9 will have these events as finals.

- Women's Marathon

- Women's High Jump

- Men's Javelin Throw

- Men's 5,000m

- Men's 800m

- Women's 1,500m

- Women's 4X400m Relay

- Men's 4X400m Relay

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Medal standings, after Day 8.

1. USA -> 11 gold, 4 silver, 8 bronze **

2. Russia -> 4 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze

3. Kenya -> 3 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze

4. Ethiopia -> 3 gold, 1 silver

5. Australia -> 3 gold **

6. Germany -> 2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze

7. Czech Republic -> 2 gold, 1 silver

8. Jamaica -> 1 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze

9. Great Britain -> 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze

10. (tie) Belarus -> 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

10. (tie) Cuba -> 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

12. (tie) Bahamas -> 1 gold, 1 silver

12. (tie) Canada -> 1 gold, 1 silver **

14. China -> 1 gold, 1 bronze

15. (tie) Ecuador -> 1 gold

15. (tie) Estonia -> 1 gold

15. (tie) New Zealand -> 1 gold

15. (tie) Panama -> 1 gold

15. (tie) Portugal -> 1 gold

15. (tie) Sweden -> 1 gold

21. France -> 2 silver

22. (tie) Spain -> 1 silver, 2 bronze

22. (tie) Switzerland -> 1 silver, 2 bronze **

24. Italy -> 1 silver, 1 bronze

25. (tie) Bahrain -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Brazil -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Dominican Republic -> 1 silver

25. (tie) JAPAN -> 1 silver **

25. (tie) Morocco -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Qatar -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Slovenia -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Turkey -> 1 silver

25. (tie) Ukraine -> 1 silver

34. Poland -> 2 bronze

35. (tie) Belgium -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Cyprus -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Greece -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Kazakhstan -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Netherlands -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Slovakia -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Sri Lanka -> 1 bronze

35. (tie) Tunisia -> 1 bronze

** Some networks or other entities may not recognize the wheelchair events as part of the official medal tally. I have added them to a couple of the nation's medal totals here, where applicable.

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** Some networks or other entities may not recognize the wheelchair events as part of the official medal tally. I have added them to a couple of the nation's medal totals here, where applicable.

The wheelchair events are not a part of the official WCH programme, they are just for demonstration. They don't appear on the official WCH medal tally either:

Osaka 2007 Medal Tally

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The wheelchair events are not a part of the official WCH programme, they are just for demonstration. They don't appear on the official WCH medal tally either:

Osaka 2007 Medal Tally

Yeah. When one clicks on the plus icon, these results are put there instead. However, in Canada, I can be sure that one of the TV networks WILL count that gold medal as "official." Don't ask me why, but I can fathom that it will happen. Anyway, there is still the final day of competitions tomorrow. It does look like the Americans did it again, in terms of the gold and total medals won here. Until then, I'll leave it as is and do a comparison overall tally in the end.

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39% of the Osaka athletes did NOT vote for the following to be in the IAAF Athletes' Commission:

Athletes elected for 4 years

Stefan HOLM SWE High Jump 929 votes

Koji MUROFUSHI JPN Hammer Throw 913

Davian CLARKE JAM 400m 892

Paula RADCLIFFE GBR Marathon 853

Yelena ISINBAYEVA RUS Pole Vault 836

Benjamin LIMO KEN 5000m 835

Athletes elected for 2 years

Christina SCHERWIN DEN Javelin 805

Manuel MARTINEZ ESP Shot Put 793

Beatrice FAUMUINA NZL Discus Throw 769

Adam NELSON USA Shot Put 750

Lornah KIPLAGAT NED Marathon 735

Romain MESNIL FRA Pole Vault 717

Hey Pillan, at least your Holm topped the elected Atheletes. ;)

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The final day of results are now in. Here they are.

Women's Marathon

1. Catherine Ndereba (Kenya) -> 2:30:37 (SB)

2. Chunxiu Zhou (China) -> 2:30:45

3. Reiko Tosa (JAPAN) -> 2:30:55 (SB)

Women's High Jump

1. Blanka VLAŠIC (Croatia) -> 2.05m

2. Antonietta Di Martino (Italy) -> 2.03m (NR)

3. Anna Chicherova (Russia) -> 2.03m (PB)

Men's Javelin Throw

1. Tero PITKÄMÄKI (Finland) -> 90.33m

2. Andreas Thorkildsen (Norway) -> 88.61m

3. Breaux Greer (USA) -> 86.21m

Men's 5,000m

1. Bernard Lagat (USA) -> 13:45.87

2. Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) -> 13:46.00

3. Moses Ndiema Kipsiro (Uganda) -> 13:46.75

Men's 800m

1. Alfred Kirwa Yego (Kenya) -> 1:47.09

2. Gary Reed (Canada) -> 1:47.10

3. Yuriy Borzakovskiy (Russia) -> 1:47.39

Women's 1,500m

1. Maryam Yusuf Jamal (Bahrain) -> 3:58.75 (SB)

2. Yelena Soboleva (Russia) -> 3:58.99

3. Iryna Lishchynska (Ukraine) -> 4:00.69 (SB)

Women's 4X400m Relay

1. USA (DeeDee Trotter, Allyson Felix, Mary Wineberg, Sanya Richards) -> 3:18.55 (WL)

2. Jamaica (Shericka Williams, Shereefa Lloyd, Davita Prendagast, Novlene Williams) -> 3:19.73 (NR)

3. Great Britain (Christine Ohuruogu, Marilyn Okoro, Lee McConnell, Nicola Sanders) -> 3:20.04 (NR)

Men's 4X400m Relay

1. USA (LaShawn Merritt, Angelo Taylor, Darold Williamson, Jeremy Wariner) -> 2:55.56 (WL)

2. Bahamas (Avard Moncur, Michael Mathieu, Andrae Williams, Chris Brown) -> 2:59.18 (SB)

3. Poland (Marek Plawgo, Daniel Dabrowski, Marcin Marciniszyn, Kacper Kozlowski) -> 3:00.05 (SB)

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So all events of these WCH are over. Sadly, the German team has to finish the WCH with a slight disappointment since Kamghe Gaba, runner in the German men's 4x400 team, collided with Poland's Daniel Dabrowski at the third baton handover. The German TV presenter commented on the replay of the scene that Dabrowksi stood around on the track as if he waited for a cup of coffee. The result is that the German team, which could actually have ranked 5th or 6th, has finished last. :(

However, now it's official that Germany has reached the fifth rank on the medal table -- that is maybe the biggest success for the team at these WCH, after the 12th rank in Helsinki 2005, the 24th rank in Athens 2004 and the 27th rank in Paris 2003.

Congratulations also to all winners from the other nations. And congratulations to us all that we didn't have a doping incident at these WCH so far.

Finally: Thank you and Sayonara Osaka -- and see you/Auf Wiedersehen in Berlin!



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Bad day again for Sweden! This World Championships was really bad!!!!!!!!!! :(

The only great swedish moment is of course in Heptathlon! :D




Swedish press has bad news: A suspect doping case are in investigation! IAAF will not say the name before the analyse of the test is finished! I really hope that is not doping! :(

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