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Doha 2016 Possible Venue's

qatar son 333

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The Khalifa stadium's capacity used to be 20,000 when it was first built in 1976, but got expanded to 50,000 in 2005. I currently have no idea how this building looked before its seating capacity got expanded. When Doha wins the 2016 Olympic bid, the stadium may need further capacity expansion. I don't know what its capacity will be expanded to and how. Let's see, the new capacity should be 60,000?

Here, some pics of the Khalifa Stadium before it's renovation for the 2006 Asian Games:



Big difference, huh?

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When the oil runs out. Thats about 10-15 years away for Dubai.

Dude you are so wrong ! Qatar would be happy when the oil has finished because it found another source ...... natural gas ! , LNG,GTL and all the petro chemicals because the north field which is btw the largest gas field in the world will finish its gas in 200 years so 2207 would be the almost accurate ! so yeah to make it simple and short Qatar has the money and it will use it to upgrade this nation :) :) :)

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Khalifa International Stadium

The plan for Khalifa stadium includes demolishing the original 1970’s east stand and replacing with a new 40,000 seat stand with a room that is symmetrical with the 2005 west stand.

This will complete the planned renovation of Khalifa Stadium begun for the 2006 Asian Games and will provide a 70,000 seat outdoor venue for the Asian Football Championships in

2011 and the Athletics, Football and the Ceremonies within our 2016 Bid.

from the Doha 2016 questionairre


this is the plan from the questionairre


this is the part which will be demolished and rebuilt/expanded


this is how likely it is to become but dont take this seriously i only did it with google earth and paint to show you how it will almost look like since its going to be almost an exact copy of the covered side, though the screen is likely to be taken off since the tent thing will blick the view.....


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@nycd, Dubai doesn't rely on oil, it relies on Trade and Tourism.

Qatar doesn't rely on oil either, it relies on LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) which is an environmentally friendly alternative (airplanes will be using this 'Green' fuel soon). It's been said to last for over 150 years.

Doha is developing at an amazing rate and the reason is to bring integration, internationalization, and to bring a new perspective to the region.

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The newer half of the Khalifa National Stadium may have about 30-35,000 seats. The maximum capacity the space occupied by the original 1976 east stands can accommodate about 30,000. I think the capacity of the stadium after it completes its upcoming reconstruction is about 65,000.

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Dubai could win for 2032, by the election in 2025, they could have built the infrastructure needed for a solid winnable bid. Dubai is booming and 16 years of sporting infrastruture is VERY likely to be a priority.

They dont need to host in the fall if htey dont wnat to, just schedule the marathon for the early morning and have cold water misting arches every over the route 1/4 mile.

but a late OCT( day after the World Series) would allow for a milder games, and also no US TV conflicts.

I dont know if I should start a thread abut Dubai, but it is def worth discussing. Dubai has only 1 problem(heat) thats it, money is no obstacle to these people, one Sheik could pay for the entire thing. They dont need to hastle over city finances.

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Well, well, what do we have here.

The IOC's vote to award Rio the right to stage the 2016 Olympic games should send a huge message to those bidding cities who rely on arrogance and greed to push themselves into the spotlight. Madrid was a pleasant surprise, Tokyo was an awful surprise, Rio (YAY!) conformed to expectations, and most certainly did Chicago.

Over and over and over again, since the bidding for these games began, the variables were clearly presented on the forums of Gamesbids as to why Chicago was not going to host the 2016 Olympic Games. For those who were not familiar with the stated factors, here they are:

The Fatigue Variable :- The IOC's International Representatives and the entire WORLD I might add, were exhausted to see the games return to the US over and over and over and over again. In the end, like it or not, monotony grows distasteful!

The Global Financial Crisis Variable:- The fact remains that The US is responsible, to a staggeringly significant degree, for the current global economic crisis. Additionally, the "greed" behind Chicago's bid to have the US host the games again most certainly did not set the correct tone to those who were intimately involved in the selection/voting process.

The US Doping Variable:- The undeniable fact remains that everyone is aware of the complete disregard for the ideals of clean participation in sport over the last decade by U.S athletes. Most notably, those in Track and Field. The IOC had to insist that a strong message be sent.

The Salt Lake City Scandal Variable:- which tarnished the Chicago bid and again, was a grotesque compromise of the ideals of the IOC formal bidding process.

The Arrogance Variable:- which was heightened by the over-reliance on the US President Barak Obama. Chicago made the fatal error of using Presedent Obama to gloss over the obvious fissures in their Bid proposal to the IOC, hoping that his universally respected charm and elegance would persuade the voting delegates to hand the games to the US. It was, in every regard, an insulting move against every IOC delegate, and the intelligence each possesses.

The GamesBids Variable:- Believe it or not, every member on Gamesbids in not JUST a fan. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, when it all comes down to the pith of the whole situation, some members of Gamesbids hold the power in their hands and minds.

I would like, most graciously at this time to thank Rio for an exceptionally stunning bid and to formally congratulate them on bringing the games to South America for the first time. I would also at this time want to suggest that this victory is perhaps the loudest, most unmistakable indirect message to the Canadian City of Toronto to commence working towards an Olympic future. Be assertive not arrogant, be meticulous not dismissive, be determined and your efforts shall not fail. This should most ceratinly apply to Toronto in its bid to stage the 2015 Pan American Games. Scutinize carefully who you choose, if you so choose, to lead your bid. See you in

Vancouver 2010

London 2012


Rio 2016!!!!!!!!!!

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Doha is going to host a Games too, if 2007 is anything to go by! An american for truth - sweet and sour

Doha has a population of 400,000 people. Qatar has a population of barely 1.4 million, of whom 800,000 thousand are foreigners rather than citizens.

Doha's also impacted by it's climate.

I think Doha is a pipe dream to be honest.

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Cities do shrink but they grow as well don't they? I never said when they will host I just expressed the imperial view that it shall, one day hot the games.

On what basis will it host?

A nation which is less than a million people, has no sports culture, undesirable climate et cetera.

There are many more suitable middle eastern nations which could and probably will host instead of Doha.

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