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Doha 2016 Infrustructure

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In the Gulf region Two projects worthy of mention are the Bahrain-Qatar link and the intercity link between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which would also link the major airports in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. One of the world's largest airports is currently under construction in Dubai.

The Transrapid and the possibilities it has to offer would be a fitting choice to establish a modern and attractive rail infrastructure in this economically attractive region.



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Is there currently a ferry from Doha to Abu Dhabi? I am sure I read that services were being expanded... On my trips to the UAE I haven't really had any need - but with a flight time of an hour from Dubai to Doha, surely a ferry would be available as well??

The IOC would nix that. Too tempting a target.

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Barwa tower



name:Barwa tower

Location: doha-Qatar , west bay area , convention area.

Floors: 100F

Height: !!!!!

Construction start: 2008-2009

cost:180 million $

total area : 1,337,147 cubic meter

mixed use


Dubai towers



Location: doha-Qatar

Floors: 80F

Height: 445m

mixed use

Cost is $273.5 million.

completed in 2010


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All pictures and information Courtisy of skyscrapercity.com Qatar Section

Name: Palm Tower



Cost: $60mThe palm towers are in palm tree shape which their idea come form the tree that is a symbol for survival in the dead heat desert. Each tower consist of 57 story and their heights are 245 m.


Project: Qatar tower




Location: West Bay, Doha

Floor count: 44

Height: 230m

Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel


Qatar Navigation Company Office Tower


Location: West Bay, Doha

Type: Com

Floor count: 52


Construction end: 2007

Architect: MZ& Partners Architectural and Engineering

Key Fact: Among the tallest towers earmarked for the West Bay





43 F , 215m

Cost: QR500m

Construction end:2007

area of approximately 41,500sq m.

parking facility: 1,000 cars at a time




50F , 200m

The tower with its approx. 80.000 m² will mainly be used for office space spread over 50 effective floors and will also provide room for restaurants, a recreation and fitness area, a café and small shops.


barjeel tower


It consists of 54 floors, 2 of which are designed to have 6 two-storey villas and one level will have 2 luxury villas. The top 2 floors of the tower will contain world-class restaurants. Work is underway for this prestigious project in West Bay, Doha which is expected to be finished in 2008. The project is designed by Arab Engineering Bureau for Al Fardan Real Estate Company

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Name: Al Zubara Tower



Location: West Bay

Floors: 43

Height: 180m

Use: Residential


Project: Al Dafna Towers


Location: Al Dafna, Doha

Type: Residential complex (4 towers)

Floor count: 32 + 32 + 32 + 36

Status: U/C

Cost: USD 275 million

Client: Thani Bin Abdullah Housing Group


Project: Al-Fardan Towers


Location: West Bay, Doha

Floor count: 26 + 40

Type: Com + Res

Total built up area: 110,116 sq m

Status: Under construction

Construction start: 2005

Construction end: 2007

Client: Alfardan Real Estate Company

Consultants: Arab Engineering Bureau (architectural), Dar Al Handasah – Shair and Partners (structural) and Tekem (services)

Contractor: Construction Development Company


Name: West Bay Lagoon Plaza




Location: West Bay

Floors: 34

Height: ?

Use: Residential

Cost: $177m





30F , 120m

Project: Commercial Office Headquarters

Location : Doha, Qatar

Client: Confidential

Size: 2B+G+M+30 storeys. Two storeys and ground level parking for 600 cars. VIP health club. Panoramic restaurant on 30th floor





Conference Street

Construction Cost: 26 Million U.S. $

Total Area: 26, 650 m²

Construction Completion Date: Expected 2006

Location: Doha – Qatar

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Videos about Doha,Qatar

Welcom To Qatar


Love U Qatar

A Tour of Qatar from a Touristic Point of View


Well we lost the damn bid aganst shanghai but its a nice video



The coolest video see it fully

Qatar Past , Present and Future


The most important video of all you have to view it you dont have a choice

Qatar - Part 1

Qatar - Part 2

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Dubai towers


That (and most of the other tower designs) look like rejects from the World Trade Center competition -- specifically, Daniel Liebeskind's original winning entry.

Alright, alright, Qatar!! Enough already!! I'll give you my vote if you will STOP posting all these PR projects of Qatar. I'm impressed but it still doesn't entice me to go there.

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yes but the one you selected is underconstruction its 480m Mixed use there is a hotel aparments and serveced apartments and a shopping area

enough ? why there are 2-3 pages to come ! btw i posted thes prokects to just show you not tourism if you whant to go to doha only stay mostly 2-3 days the problem is you live in the other side of the globe and the ticket might be costly loool

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Guys the LOGO has been released do you know what this MEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!

well it means that we will be seeing more construction and new things like an olympic village and things like that there will be more facilitys and venues being constructed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've heard they are going ahead with a purpose-built stadium for athletes and people with disabilities regardless of how the bid goes, but I'd say they'll wait until at least after June 2008 to start any work on any other Olympic structures.

Besides, there's enough construction and road works currently going on in Doha anyway...

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guys i belive somewhere i showed you a stdium thats going to be built named the wall stadium and its already in phase 1

Doha to get world’s first underground stadium

doha • In a little over two years, Doha will have the world's first underground stadium, which will be used for matches during the 2011 Asian Cup football tournament and future events.

Built at a cost of over $20m, the new stadium will be an all-weather sports facility which is being constructed barely 3kms away from Al Ahli Stadium.

According to Dr Athanasios Batsilas, the Technical Director of Qatar Football Association (QFA), the new stadium will have no light towers normally seen around sports stadiums around the world.

"You will not see any light towers around this new stadium. This is the unique part of this wonderful project. However, we shall have lights integrated inside the main stand of the stadium, which can house around 10,000 to 11,000 people," Batsilas said yesterday.

We will have latest audio and video technology inside the stadium to facilitate the players, officials and the fans. The public shall have an easy access to the stadium from seven roads leading into the underground car park," Batsilas added.

According to the QFA official, the stadium has not been named yet. It has been referred to as 'the sports club stadium'. The first phase of construction is currently on. The stadium is expected to be ready for use by the end of 2009.

Built over an area of 200,000 square metres, the yet-to-be-completed facility - which looks more like an open laptop - will have VIP enclosures besides a seating house for local and international media.

Qatar, who successfully bid for the 2011 Asian Cup - the region's premier football tournament - will stage matches at this stadium from 2010 onwards.

Doha, home to the world's largest indoor sports facility called the Aspire Dome, hosted the 15th Asian Games in December last year.

Today, the Heir Apparent, H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, chairman of the Qatar National Olympic Committee (QNOC), will formally announce Doha's bid to win the rights to stage the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games at a celebratory ceremony to be staged on the Corniche.

According to unconfirmed reports, Doha is seriously considering a bid to host the Fifa World Cup finals in the year 2018. The new facility will go a long way in helping Qatar impress the Fifa hierarchy about its potential bid. The next edition of the World Cup will be staged in South Africa in 2010.

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