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Doha 2016 Infrustructure

qatar son 333

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But what are the athletic facilities like - it looks like thay have great transportation system - but how are the athetic facilities, housing, hotels, etc.

Just curious - obviously had some for Asian games - would like to see those pictures


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Possible Venues for a Doha Summer Olympics Bid

Khalifa International Stadium-50,000

ASPIRE Sports Dome-12,000

Indoor Sports Hall-3,000

Hamad Aquatic Centre-3,000

Grand Hamad Stadium-20,000

Al-Gharrafa Stadium-25,000

Al-Gharrafa Indoor Hall-3,000

Al-Khor Road Cycling Venue

Al-Rayyan Stadium-25,000

Al-Rayyan Indoor Hall-3,000

Al-Sadd Stadium-15,000


Doha Racing and Equestrian Club

Doha Sailing Club

Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex-4,100

Lusail Shooting Complex

West Bay Lagoon

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Doha 2016

Note:all whats coming up is posts from all our qatari members including me at skyscrapercity.com

Here are some projects that will be completed by then :

U/C NDIA (New Doha International Airport)

able to handle 50 million passengers

Opens 2009 ultimately completed 2015






U/C Lusail


1-Marina District:

102 plots launched in 25 DEc 2005. mixture between commercial, residential, mixed used, hotels and a mall.. hights varies between 18 to 40 stories. sold out in 1 week..

2- Entertainment City:

developedby Abu Dhabi investment house. non gated community with waterfront. concept combines themed areas similar to Las Vegas & Picadilly.

3-Energy City:

developed by Energy City Company. Busiess park focuses on the oil and gas companies and other companies that povides related services.


Qatar Petrolume Head Quarter

5-Natural Wadi, this is part of the natural contouring of the area, kept as is to be used as natural reservedcarea/park (all open space) and to be used as future drainage system in the future.


Launched in April 2006, medium denisty area consist of 365 plots majority are esidential some are commercial. hights varies between 5 to 7 stories. provide a living environment simlar to San Fransisco and Chelsea. Sold out in 4 hours !!!

7-Lusial Towers:

4 iconic towers surrounding a square. will be a landmark for all Lusai. currently under design by Lord Norman Foster

8- Lusail Bulevard:

Hign end shopping street with big showroom on both sides,i.e. LV, Ferrari..etc

9-Energy City/Residential:

Residential area developed by Energy City Company

10-Lusail Commercial Waterfront:

pedistrian area with direct interaction with the sea. 2-3 stories buidlings combines of cafes, resturants, small local shops..etc

11-Palm Alees:

residential area, appartments and villas. Has not been launched yet.

12-Golf District:

2 golf cours, 18 holes each. Under negotiation with an international development company to buy/develop the whol area. will contain villas and activities buildings as well.

13-Residential District:

low density residential villas, has not been launched yet.

14-Residential waterfront:

launched 25 Feb 2007, 46 plots, 39 are residential towers with direct acess to sandy beaches the use of the beaches is execlusive to the residents of the area. hights varies between 20-25 stories. 4 plots are mixed use plots, 2 coercial and 1 beach club. all plots sold out in hours !!

15-Northen Island:

execlusive living arae will include resorts, spas and beach villas. ha not been launched yet

16-the 3 Isands: (that is not the correct naming)

more active island because of their location close to Entertinment city and commercial waterfront. mixed use area of residential appatments, commercial, hotels, cafes&resturants etc... not launched yet.

17-QatariDiar visitor center:

will be the first movers to Lusail within the coming 2 months.. i guess you have seen pictures of the places earlier..

18-Entertainment Island:

mixed use island, residential, commercial/retail, hotels and cafes&resturants.. in a discussion process wi one of the big developers..

Qatar plans second mega-project

Qatar expects to launch a second mega-project in Q2 next year to capitalise on the success of The Pearl-Qatar. Bechtel is producing a masterplan for the North Beach and Entertainment City over 32 sqkm with upscale residential homes, two golf courses and hotels.

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if we say it your way yes but some people like me hate doha to be called the second dubai even though you didnt but just trying to clear things up that doha is not trying to creat a copy of dubai or make the mistakes of dubai we are emerging and planning slowly so our city wont crash like what happened to dubai. i acctully feel sad for the residents over there

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just to give you an idea of the corneshin doha (westbay) the area is getting filled with towers so i think you should look at this picture

this picture has been made by an unknown person but its supposed to resembel Planet Cornesh or better called Planet West Bay !!!!!


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The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has conducted a study on having a local rail network mainly for goods transport.

The proposed network would link Abu Samra to the new airport in Doha and the sea port via the Industrial Area.

The rail link would be 84.8 kms long from Abu Samra to the Industrial Area.

From the Industrial Area to the New Doha International Airport, the length of the network would be 16 kms.

There is also a study conducted on a rail link between the Industrial City and Messaieed Industrial City and the network would cover a distance of 35.2 kms.

The railway network, if set up, would be used to transport goods between these centres, curtailing the use of trucks and their nuisance on the busy city roads. i hope this gets built FAST

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