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Official Start Of The 2010 Bid

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The IOC has actually instructed the YOG candidate cities not to create a specific logo.

What ? So we won't have any logo for SYOG ? I think with a good logo, the host of the games can get a great income for selling the merchandise with this logo embeded on the merchandise...

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I am only talking about the bid phase. I suspect the host city will create a logo.

I suspect the idea is to save money. Creating a brand can be expensive (unless it's chosen by public contest a la Madrid).

even Madrid need more than 40000 euro for that contest

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Is it just me or is it the idea of "cities getting recycled" here is in trend right now? Let's review:

- Algiers just hosted the 2007 All-Africa Games;

- Do not need to mention anymore about Athens here;

- Bangkok just hosted the 2007 Summer Universiade;

- Belgrade just hosted the 2007 European Youth Olympic Festival and will host the 2009 Summer Universiade;

- We all know about the last IOC Session this year there;

- Kuala Lumpur hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games, but I think it has a shot;

- Do not need to mention anymore about Moscow here;

- Poznan has been unlucky in trying to get a Summer Universiade so far, as far as I know that it has tried a couple of times;

- Singapore hosted the 2005 IOC Session, but I think it will an interesting bid here as well;

- Turin has hosted both Summer AND Winter Universiades, two World's Fairs and the 2006 Winter Olympics. All of them hosted within approximately a 50 years time span.

The only one city I have absolutely no clue what its capabilities are is the Hungarian one. If the IOC ideal for the Youth Olympic Games is to get "other international cities" to make a jump and bid for something like this, then it is not working. It looks like that most of the cities that have already got things in place that most of us already know are essentially the ones wanting these Games. Well, that Guatemalan one may be problematic, but it is mainly of ignorance that I really do not know what its capabilities are. Remind me here: will there be some sort of shortlist before the decision is made or is it pretty much "all out" for the votes now?

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Intertesting . I think these 3 cities will easyily get short-listed

[*]ATHENS, Greece

[*]MOSCOW, Russia

[*]TURIN, Italy

With these 3 fighting for the 2 remaining spots

[*]SINGAPORE, Singapore

[*]KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia

[*]BELGRADE, Serbia

I don't see the following cities being short-listed ,

[*]ALGIERS, Algeria - Lack of reconitition and World-class facilities

[*]BANGKOK, Thailand - With the recent political situation , I don't think so.

[*]DEBRECEN, Hungary - Where in the world it is ? I have hardly heard of it. Should have gone with Budapest


[*]POZNAN, Poland - Rather small for a worldwide event. Try Warsaw !

Does Algiers , Poznan & Debrecen even have enough hotel rooms ?





Aquaticum Termál és Wellness Hotel


Grand Hotel


Hotel Lycium


Hotel Campus

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