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A Card System For Doping?

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Since doping has become a bug issue lately in more than sporting circles, I was thinking there should be harsher sactions against doping. Who about:

In national competitions:

If 1 athlete is caught in a single sport, that athlete gets the 2 year ban

If a 2nd athlete is caught in the same sport within the ban of the first positive, the NOC is banned from all competitions for that sport for 2 years

If during the same time period from the first international positive test in one sport, two doping infractions are occured against athletes of the NOC in other sports, the NOC is banned from all sports competition for 2 years.

If all of the above takes place within 10 years of the first test again, the NOC recieves a 10 year ban.

This also extends to hosting competitions

If that doesn't stop doping, I don't know what will.

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